LMTSM, or Home away from Home as we affectionately call it, is a place of wonders for us. People come here from different regions of the country. They bring in their distinguished experiences and different backgrounds which brings a collective sense of belongingness to our campus. 

The mirth feel of the campus is like you have entered a green paradise with the array of plantations, a separate nursery and beautiful gardens. The college is spread around 33 acres providing top-notch modern infrastructure when it comes to either hostels, libraries, academic buildings along with mess facilities.

The college is situated around six kilometers away from the main city providing you a placid environment to study, to focus and to keep all your distractions at bay. The college provides good connectivity to the city beautiful Chandigarh.

The teaching environment here is not like any other B-school, it promotes a coherent and cordial relationship between teachers and students making learning a two-way process. Teachers here act like our guardians, mentors, and well-wishers.

The college caters to the overall development of students as college is buzzing with a plethora of activities and events which includes different clubs and events such as The Orators club, Re-public, debate clubs, house of lords, Frosh, Nukkad Natak, Marketing Mela, etc. All these activities are meant in such a way that a person not only enjoys but also enhances his/her overall personality.

Talking about events lets come to sports. Sports is one an integral part of a person’s life and this B-school takes it seriously. The college endorses a separate sports department organizing healthy spirited competitions and events like Inter-House and Inter-year tournaments, sports week, athletic meet, Decathlon games, etc. in which various outdoor and indoor games like basketball, cricket, volleyball, badminton, football, track events, carrom, table tennis, chess, etc. are carried out. Along with the sports section the college also provides a fully equipped gymnasium for physical activities of different kind.

The institute realizes how important the safety of the students is as some students come to the hostel for the first time in their lives, therefore security is present all around the clock providing a safe and secure environment throughout. Hence the life here is full of learning, new experiences and fun times which one will cherish for a lifetime and making this journey a memorable one.


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