The proposal was put up that the government should announce that Marathi language be made a complusion in CBSE and ICSE schools in Maharashtra, it was obliged in the state Legislative Council on Wednesday. Also, Vilas Potnis Member of Legislative Council (MLC), Highlighted this issue by calling attention motion.

The judgment to make Marathi a mandatory subject to students of standard 1st to 10th in CBSE and ICSE schools should be fulfilled strictly, said his official statement

By the support of Pravin Darekar, who is the Leader of Opposition MLC including Kapil Patil and numerous others which also included Shiv Sena leader Ramdas Kadam.

The Education Minister Balasaheb Thorat taking all consideration kept the point that the government will search and inculcate how other states adopted their respective regional language in the curriculum of central board schools.

As we are aware that the status and spirit of Marathi-medium primary schools have also improved and parents are motivated towards it with the point that learning and studying in mother tongue or the language they are familiar with, helps to inculcate better learning in kids.

Though legislators were not convinced and demanded that the government announce that Marathi must be interpreted in CBSE and ICSE schools.

The decision was further disturbed due to noisy scenes in the house which included arguments, which headed to adjournment for 15 minutes. Again, when the house reassembled, council chairman Ramraje Nimbalkar advised the minister assemble a meeting of MLCs who had proposed the issue in his chamber.

Recognizing that the legislators’ strong feelings on the issue, Thorat should address the problem with the Chief Minister. Further, Thorat said he consented to the suggestion. Then Vinayak Mete proposed the issue of fellowships to Maratha-Kunbi students.

The Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Research Training and Human Development Institute was established in developing city like Pune to provide training and internship to students from Maratha and Kunbi communities, was added Notwithstanding, fellowship and scholarship allowances of thousands of students have been terminated due to open-ended inquiry into some flaws, Mete alleged.

On which Nitin Raut Social Justice Minister ensured that the fellowships and scholarships will not be suspended.

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  1. Yes it should be, all other states are following this and if you want to stay in Maharashtra you should know local regional Language so it is advantage. If u go South all have their education in their language. Can a North Indian say to them that I don't want to learn South language??

    By Mmm13579