The MAH CET Exam was conducted on March 10 & 11, 2018. The exam is conducted every year by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra. For the smooth conduction of this prestigious exam year after year without any technical glitches in about 40 cities all across India, a special State CET Cell has been created by the Government of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Common Entrance is the only access to JBIMS, SIMSREE, K J Somaiya, PUMBA and more than 300 MBA colleges in Maharashtra. This year the MAH CET is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10, 2019. The DTE of Maharashtra is expected to release the MAH CET 2019 exam notifications in the latter half of the month of January 2019.

The exam is taken by a lot of students and every year the number keeps on increasing. Hence, the difficulty of the exam has also been increasing. Students are finding it hard to manage their studies and the subject matter for this entrance exam. This article covers all the information regarding the MAH CET 2018 Detailed Analysis Question Paper and what are the procedures that need to be followed regarding any query about the center.

The MAH CET Exam tries to test the analytic and aptitude capabilities of the students appearing for the exam.

  • The paper was set to have 4 sections- Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Reading Comprehension and Abstract Reasoning.
  • The test was being conducted on an online platform and every applicant was provided with a separate system at their respective centers.
  • There were 200 questions and every question had 5 alternatives.
  • Only the mouse was required to answer the questions and no keyboard keys were to be used.
  • Once the applicant had selected any one alternative, they had to click on the “Save and Next” option provided on the same page.


The marking scheme that was followed last year and will be followed this year is given below:

  1. There is no provision of negative marking.
  2. 1 mark is added for every correct answer.
  3. Candidates have to answer 200 questions in a time frame of 150 minutes.


Section Name Number of Questions Marks per Question Maximum Marks
Logical Reasoning 75 1 75
Abstract Reasoning 25 1 25
Quantitative Aptitude 50 1 50
Reading Comprehension/Verbal Ability 50 1 50
 Total Marks 200 200


The complete paper was divided into 4 sections and they can be analyzed as given:

Logical Reasoning

Most of the candidates were not able to perform well in this section. The complete Data Arrangement Sets/Analytical Reasoning was asked in the paper for 40 marks in 8 sets. Students were stuck and were ultimately left with very less time for other sections. Syllogisms were a bit tricky but they followed the conventional format. The Symbol operations were not quite easy but students were able to solve them after a little investment of their time.

Quantitative Aptitude

There were four DI sets of questions with each set having 20 questions. There were a case-let and a data comparison set also. The DI sets were a combination of easy, intermediate and difficult questions. A lot of thinking was required on part of the student to solve these questions. The traditional CET format for Math was not followed. All the questions were thought-provoking but not lengthy, any candidate who was able to attempt 30-35 questions in this section with an accuracy level of 80% performed well in the other parts of the exam.

Abstract Reasoning

This was the easiest section of the MAH CET Exam 2018. Unlike the past versions of CET, the questions were pretty easy. The question where two logical sequences had been inserted in one question was avoided this year. The shortcut normally used in Bulls Eye was overwhelmingly used in the paper. Many students were able to answer all 25 questions in less than 10 minutes. The difficulty level for this section can be judged to be of the intermediate level.

Verbal Reasoning

This section was the most surprising for the 2018’s version of 2018. Two passages had been included under the directions of a single R.C. This movement made the paper seem quite similar to the View-Counterview Format brought by CET in the year 2011. The difficulty level for this section can also be judged to be of the intermediate level. This time CET included the questions regarding matching the pairs. There were two columns with three sentences in both. The candidates were supposed to match the pairs of sentences in order to form a bigger sentence by combining both which is also grammatically correct.

Notable Highlights of MAH CET 2018 Exam

  • Theexam on 11th March in slot-3 and slot-4 of MAH CET 2018 was quite easy as compared to the exam conducted on the 10th of March in the slot-1 and slot-2.
  • There were no questions on close test passages.
  • Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning sections in the last two slots were easier on 11thof March. Quantitative Aptitude was a little more difficult in the same paper.
  • There were more questions on critical reasoning and syllogisms in Logical Reasoning.
  • There were 3 sets of Data Interpretation in the Quant section.
  • There were questions on multiple statements in the exam.


Study well and you will definitely perform well in the upcoming MAH CET Exam 2019.

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