Here’s yet another d00d who rejected an admit @ ISB to fight it out from a seat @ IIMA. Here’s Nikhil Vaswani aka nickspeedster aka Hooka.

CAT Percentile: 99.8

Final Calls: LACKI + ISB(2003)

GMAT: 710

Work ex: Two years with Wipro

CAT Gyaan:

—-> Use a lot of logic

—-> read Economic Times daily- Helps a lot during GD/PI and when inside college too

—-> Practice RC majorly

—-> Understand your strengths and weaknesses

—-> Maximize your verbal scores

Nikhil likes these @ A :

—-> Profs

—-> Some real studs with top profiles

—-> Case methodology, very application oriented, stresses on decision making

And he isn’t particularly fond of:

—-> The fact that it is difficult to adjust initially to the grind. Takes a lot of you

—-> Doesn’t get to play around much

Loves these @ PaGaLGuY forums:

—-> Makes you realize that similar people exist

—-> Great place to learn new fundae (vividly recalls the stock markets thread)

—-> He feels is likely to, and should, become a representative body of for students across B-schools as well as aspirants

His take on Life @ IIMA:

—-> Life @ IIMA is about working hard; and if you get the time, partying hard !! (keyword being “if”, right nikihil ? )

Survivor’s kit @ IIMA:

—-> Resilience

Tips on GMAT:

—-> Concentrate on sentence correction

—-> Read a lot of unusual stuff (

—-> Don’t rush through the actual exam

—-> Stress on accuracy

—-> Register before-hand and keep enough time to prepare.


“CAT is a big mental game- do not get psyched out”

“Every person falls, but one should get up”

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