The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is easily one of the most preferred choices of course after graduation not just in India but in the world. Students around the world look at the MBA degree as a way to enhance their career and future. It is one of those courses where you can apply the classroom knowledge in real-life projects.

Every year, more and more candidates register for different national and state-level management entrance exams. As some of the highest salary packages in the country are offered to MBA graduates, students are more inclined to pursue an MBA equivalent course.

Students who get to study a PGDM/MBA degree from a top management institute, have an additional advantage of a large network and exposure to different types of activities. Most importantly, companies prefer to hire students from institutes with an existing brand name an outstanding reputation.

One such institute of repute and excellence is Pune’s National Institute of Bank Management or NIBM. NIBM was established by the Reserve Bank of India in 1969 with the objective to make it a “think tank” for the Banking and Finance sector.

Since then, the NIBM has been playing a pioneering role in the transformation of the BFSI sector of the country. To produce credible managers in the banking and finance sector, the NIBM launched the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in Banking and Financial Services.

As it is the first institute in India to start such a programme, there is a general understanding amongst experts and aspirants that NIBM is the best B-school for an MBA equivalent degree in the B&FS.

Questions like, “But how expensive is NIBM Pune? Does NIBM Pune provide a good ROI?” are nothing but common and logical for MBA aspirants.

Selecting a B-school based on the Return on Investment or ROI is a practical and very good aspect for candidates who are unsure about their dream college. Find out if NIBM Pune is the right college for you based on ROI.

What is the ROI?

ROI implies the Return on Investment. The ROI is a perfect way to determine the profit of the investment. Here the investment is referred to the cost to pursue the MBA. According to an article on TopMBA, the mathematical way to calculate the ROI of a PGDM/MBA programme is as follows.

  • Percentage of Salary Increase
  • The total duration to pay back the cost/loan of an MBA.
  • The return (in terms of salary) in the coming 10 or 20 years.

Candidates with work experience can also compare their pre-MBA and post-MBA salaries.

The easiest way to estimate the ROI is to compare the salary packages, the every year increase and total course fee. However, the ROI of an educational degree cannot be ascertained through the involvement of money.

Experience, Exposure, teaching methods, Industry-relevant curriculum and even the opportunities for personal growth should be taken into consideration while selecting the dream institute for MBA/PGDM.

ROI of NIBM Pune

Course Fee: The total course fee of 2-year full-time PGDM (B&FS) from NIBM Pune is Rs. 12 Lacs, excluding the refundable component.

Highest Salary Package: As per the latest placement report of 2018-2020 batch, the highest salary offered to a student of NIBM Pune is Rs. 22 Lacs per annum.

Median Salary Package: The median salary package also increases with each passing year. The 2020 median salary package is Rs. 9.67 LPA, a rise from the 9.44 LPA of 2019.

Top Average Salary: The average of the salary packages for the top 10% is Rs. 15.4 LPA. Similarly, the average for the top 25% is Rs. 12.8 LPA and for the top 50% is Rs. 11.4 LPA.

Minimum Salary Package: The minimum salary offer received in 2019 and 2020 by PGDM (B&FS) students is Rs. 6LPA.

Increase in Salary: Except for the minimum salary package, all other classifications (highest, median, average and top averages) saw an increase.

ROI % for 2019 Placements: As per NIBM, the per cent of ROI for the 2019 batch was 157%.

The NIBM Edge: How good is NIBM Pune?

  • World-Class Banking and Financial Services curriculum: Updated course structure that reviews and adds recent trends in the BFSI sector.
  • Provides consultancy to the Banking and Financial sector.
  • Repository of Data (Finance): Access to a large database of Banking and Financial Data, Case Studies along with thousands of research papers.
  • 100% placement record since the beginning of PGDM Banking and Financial Services.
  • Analytical Aptitude Development with Real-life application.
  • Advanced Training Programmes for mid to senior-level banking executives.
  • Participation of Multiple Indian and International Banks in the training programmes.
  • Eminent faculty, expert Industry leaders and renowned guest lecturers impart knowledge to NIBM students.
  • Contributes to the research domains of Finance, Economics and Business Management.
  • E-certification Courses in 7 areas: Credit, Risk, Accounts & Audit, Treasury, Retail Credit Management, Credit management for Small Finance Banks and Banking Operations and Payment Banks Management.
  • High Faculty to Student Ratio: The total intake for the PGDM batch is 120.
  • NIBM Publications: The institute publishes books, journals, reports, mimeographs and research papers in quarterly and weekly publications.

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