The Krea University (Andhra Pradesh) has taken a notable step forward considering the safety and precaution of its students, teaching staff, and other members of the university by collaborating with the Kauvery Hospitals. 

The Kauvery Hospitals are recognized for their exceptional healthcare services in all spheres of medicine, and pharmacy across Tamil Nadu. With its collaboration with Krea University, all these facilities will be readily available on the campus itself. 

Krea University will also make sure that there are medical practitioners on the campus looking after the general health of the people residing within the campus.

There will also be nurses on-the-go in case of minor injuries, and experienced doctors available around the clock, in case of a serious health condition. 

For dire emergency services, there will be an ambulance, situated inside the university campus for easy access, whenever it is required.

Other than that, pharmaceutical or medicinal stores will be set-up too that will be open 24/7, stocked with all the basic medicines, pills, and first-aid kits. Students and the faculty can also have routine health-checkups, for maintaining a healthy lifestyle or to change something if required, as prescribed by the doctors. 

The Dean of IFMR GSB, Professor Shobha Das has expressed her gratitude for this partnering of the university with the Kauvery Hospitals, which will ensure the health of everyone living within the campus premises, from the students, the professors, and also the general working staff.

In the recent wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the university with the consent of Kauvery has also decided to open a special Covid centre that will conduct appropriate tests and treatment, if anyone is tested positive.

With the Kauvery Hospitals on the campus, the residents will be imparted the best treatments and world-class healthcare facilities with the utmost care.

Social healthcare advice will be hosted by experts of Kauvery that will enable the administration of the Krea University to maintain better quality food in the kitchen, regular testing of the quality of water, and also a proper dietary list that should be followed by the on-campus students. 

Krea University specializes in two schools that is a 3-year B.A. or B.Sc Honors degree in The School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences, and a PhD, MBA, or other management studies in IFMR Graduate School of Business offering specializations in Human Resources, Data Science, Finance, and others. The MBA admission process for the year 2020-22 will open shortly.

Krea University also provides world-class facilities in education, and research, along with a sprawling campus of 40-acre, hosting various celebrations. 

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