JNU Protest

As per the latest updates by a news agency, the protests by the JNU students continued to happen as there has been a proposed hike in the hostel fees and electricity charges along with other charges.

The students accumulated outside the Inter Hostel Administration (IHA) meeting venue within the JNU Campus today morning to express their grievances against the authority. According to various media reports, there has been constant protests on behalf of the students against the proposed changes in the hostel fees and various related charges.

Students Block Dea

During the first day of protests, the administration of JNU has made the allegation that an ambulance which was taking the Dean of the student, Professor Umesh Kadam to the hospital had been stopped by the protesting students. There has also been allegations against the students of prohibiting the staff of university hospital to do check-up of the dean. Continuous protests have been on since October 28.

Reacting against the protests, the university authority has said that strict actions might be taken against the students in case of need. The Vice Chancellor, Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar has shared the heated moment through a series of tweets. He has labelled the incident as extremely “shocking, heartlessness and insensitivity”. However, as per the statements of the students, wrong allegations have been brought against them and they have denied them.

Zero student representation at IHA Meeting

The protests got exponentially triggered as no students’ representative was invited to be a part of  the Inter Hostel Administration (IHA) meeting during which these decisions are to be taken. Apart from three hostel presidents, all other hostellers were prohibited entry by the security guards to enter the venue.

Protesting students demanded the invitation of JNUSU President and General Secretary as part of the IHA meeting. JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh has issued a statement stating  that the varsity administration’s decision to be in violation a High Court order which states that ‘students should be involved in every matter which is related to student welfare.’

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