DUTA Protests to Continue Until Demands are met with

DUTA 2019

The University of Delhi (DU) is one of the premier educational institutions in India. It has a high ranking in education and infrastructure.

Each year lakhs of students wish to enrol themselves into this university because of its esteemed faculty and highly evolved teaching techniques. The Delhi University provides education in a large number of graduates, postgraduate and diploma courses.

All the faculty members of Delhi University are a part of the Delhi University Teachers Association, commonly known as DUTA.

This association works as a solidarity group for the teachers and works towards the cause of the teachers in Delhi University. Any decisions or actions pertaining to teachers in the varsity is discussed in the DUTA, and relevant measure is thereby taken.

On 4th December 2019, DUTA called for an indefinite strike in the Delhi a university. According to this strike, the teachers stopped to play any kind of role in the Delhi University until some of their demands were met with.

As a part of their protest, members of DUTA refused to take up classes, participate in exam invigilation or correcting of the answer scripts. They have decided to play no part in the on-going end semester examinations.

This protest was sparked by the teachers’ demand to absorb ad hoc teachers into permanent teaching posts in the varsity.

In November 2019 Delhi University Principals Association (DUPA) made the decision that joining of all the ad hoc teachers and the giving out of their salaries will be put on hold. This decision is likely to affect more than 4500 teachers in Delhi University who have been working on an ad hoc basis.

The Vice-chancellor had reportedly denied that no full-time teacher would be appointed into the ad hoc posts until the position can be filled on a permanent basis.

DUTA said that it would continue its struggle until the Ministry of Human Resources Development and the University Grants Commission resolve to bring about a one-time regulation regarding the absorption of serving ad hoc and temporary teachers.

While the HRD Ministry has stated that it will allow the ad hoc teachers to continue until the appointment of permanent candidates, the primary demand of DUTA has still not been dealt with. DUTA will not stop its strike unless this issue is resolved.

DUTA even stated that it would go ahead and muster support from students, parents, political leaders and if the need arises, it will also turn to the masses.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) – DUTA Protests

Question: When was the circular for the appointment of guest lecturers released by the Delhi University?

Answer:  Delhi University released the circular for the appointment of guest lecturers on 28th August 2019.

Question: What is the official website URL for DUTA?

Answer: The official website URL for Delhi University Teachers Association is http://www.duta-du.info/p/home.html

Question: How long will the strike continue?

Answer:  The DUTA will continue the strike until its demand of absorption of ad hoc and temporary teachers into permanent teaching posts by one-time regulation is met with.

Question: How many teachers will be affected by this decision of the university?

Answer:  As much as 4500 teachers in Delhi University will be affected by this decision of the university.