JEE Main Exam Analysis for 8th Jan 2020 Paper 1; Check for More Details here

JEE Main Exam Analysis
JEE Main Exam Analysis for 8th Jan 2020 Paper 1

The Joint Entrance examination which is conducted by the National testing agency is being conducted all the country for the students who wants to become engineers and architects. The JEE examination is divided into 3 parts Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each part is valued for 100 marks and the total marks are 300. All the physics and chemistry questions were mostly asked from the 11th standard and the 12th standard syllabus. The JEE Main paper 1 has started on January 7, 2020 and is scheduled to end on January 11, 2020.

Analysis of The Paper 1 JEE Main Exam Conducted on January 8, 2020.

Over All Analysis:

The over analysis of the exam is that the candidates felt that the difficulty level of the exam is the same as the last day. The students found the chemistry section bit easy compared to the Physics and the mathematics section. The physics section difficulty level was moderate while the mathematics section was moderate and lengthy.


The Physics section mostly consisted of questions from 5 topics. There was a total of 6 to 7 questions from the optics and Modern Physics while there were 6 questions from Mechanics. The number of questions from Current electricity is 5 and 3 question from electrostatic and finally there were 4 questions from thermodynamics.


There were 3 topics in the chemistry section. They are

  • Physical Chemistry which consisted of 5 to 6 questions
  • There was a total of 6 to 8 questions in the organic chemistry division and
  • 13 question from inorganic chemistry


A total of 10 questions from Calculus was asked. The Algebra section consisted of 7 to 9 questions. 6 to 8 questions were asked from Geometry and 2 to 3 questions were from trigonometry.

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