ISB&M is a student-driven college; hence the students’ activities are conceptualized and coordinated by the student’s council of the institute. Let’s see what all kinds of cells and clubs it has which is the main USP of college.

PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT:- The President and Vice President of the student’s council are entrusted with the responsibilities of driving all initiatives of managing various cells as well as cultural and student development activities. There is a very well designed selection process, and also training and grooming from senior faculty help the students in developing managerial skills by experiential learning methods.

PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE CELL:- This cell is responsible for handling the complete placement process, and it acts as a liaison between the institute and students. The cell takes care of both summers as well as final placements.

CORPORATE RELATION CELL: This cell is responsible for maintaining relation with budding businesses like MNCs and well as Indian companies. The cell takes the initiative in organizing guest lectures from time to time and also provides personality development training.

ALUMNI CELL:- Alumni Cell is the cord that is responsible for binding every alumnus to his or her Alma Mater. It is responsible for organizing events like alumni meets and convocation.

DIGITAL MOMENTS CELL:- This is a team of photo enthusiasts who are always ready to capture every moment with a ‘click’. The cell captures every event of the institute behind their lenses.

DEBATE CELL:- “The Debating Society” organizes discussions, public speaking events, board room conferences thus providing a platform to express the students’ views, understand pros and cons and to structure your thought process in a meaningful way.

LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT CELL:- This is that cell that makes brings more fun to life. It gives a platform to the students to participate and manage Lifestyle Development Cell and social events successfully. Whether it’s fresher’s, farewell, winter party, holi party, or pool party lifestyle development cell revives all the festivals in ISB&M.

TOFI:- The motto of this cell is to make learning in Finance fun by organizing different Finance related activities and events. It also maintains liaison with Industry Veterans and Experts.

I-TALK:- This cell aims to meet the intellectual needs of the students. And for this, it introduces the students to different motivational and influential speakers from the industry. These speakers help the students gain insights about the issues and challenges in the world.

CSR CELL:- The CSR cell is a student driven initiative that works towards making the world a better place to live . The club takes part in different activities like road safety campaigns, skill development programs, advocacy practices, cleanliness drives, women empowerment campaigns, blood donation camps & many more.

SPORTIES:- The Sporties Club provides many facilities for students in the form of many several out-door and indoor games like Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Cricket etc. The club aims to inculcate values of team spirit, hard work, enthusiasm and passion.

DIGITAL MARKETING CELL:- The Digital Marketing Cell is responsible for increasing the visibility and reach of the institute. The club works on social media marketing, blogging, display advertising, remarketing from time to time.

MARKETING CLUB:- The motto of this council is to organize workshops and field trips on untouched areas by top industry professionals to get insights into the dynamic and exciting world of marketing. It is a platform where students get an opportunity to apply marketing theories with real-time applications. This club organizes guest lectures, quizzes, seminars, different competitions from time to time.

MEDIOS :- The Movie club of ISB&M provides the chance to live the reel each week and connect the students to reality. It aims to bridge the gap between the reel and real by introducing visual learning, wherein they aim to enhance thinking abilities and help each student to develop a clearer perspective of life.

SCOM CELL:- The aim of the Supply Chain & Operations Management Club is to provide the vital resources and tools to educate and establish networking opportunities to students within businesses. The cell conducts several activities throughout the year in the fields of Production, Operations, Operations Research, Supply Chain and allied areas which include industry-academia interactions in the form of guest lectures, live project etc.

GreyCaps Cell:- This cell takes the initiative to stay updated with the current happenings and changes in all fields around you. GreyCaps is eager to help students to enhance their knowledge about the Corporate world which will give them a critical edge for success. It will also provide students with a platform to participate in B-Quiz competitions in prominent B-Schools. We also aim to create a pool of talented and sophisticated students with vast and deep knowledge and who can carry ISB&M to the top in the field of various Business Quizzes and competitions.

-Shalu Singh

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