Is it important to participate in Events and Clubs in college to lead proffesional life in future? | Crescent School Of Business

It is indeed very important to participate in events and clubs in college. When we start our college experience as a new joinnee, it can seem like the entire world is at one place. Between all the people we meet, classes that take place, to get involved on campus with everyone, it’s a possibility of learning and teaching. And because we spend time in college, it gives us an experience, and that experience can create as many opportunities that can to build our career.

What one may not think is that getting involved in events and clubs comes with its own set of benefits. It can be a reason that joining college clubs and participating in events gives us time to learn and meet more new people.

Life is all about meeting people and learning new things. Most of our active participation in professional life or career comes out from the learning and the cultural activities we have gone through from our college experience by participating in clubs and events. And it makes us reach out and build new connections for lifetime.

It is a chance to build our skillset that can create a great way to build our professional skills including leadership, communication, teamwork. All these skills give a chance to students to apply to jobs and internships

Time management gives us a touch of the clubs which teaches us discipline while also allowing us to have fun and disciplined to get all the work done on time. This is an extremely important life skill to succeed.

Friendship forms effortlessly when we share similar interests and same minded peers. Clubs and events also give us the opportunity to reach out and meet students outside our circle. It also improves our marketing abilities and gives us clear confidence to work.

Csb (Crescent school of business) takes initiative to improve the student’s knowledge by giving them a chance to participate in each event so that they can improve their skill set.

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-By Dilip reddy