Prof. (Dr.) Nikhil Rastogi

Finance to most people seems to be about money and markets, but it is also about people (Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealy & Myers). Misalignment of incentives was one of the major reasons for the Great financial Crisis of 2008.

History is replete with many such examples where the financial innovation part was over-emphasized much to the exclusion of people thereby leading to market crisis. At IMT Hyderabad, we strive to provide a well-rounded view of the discipline of finance thus enabling the student to appreciate the role of different stakeholders of the company.

With a good dose of basic finance domain courses in the first year like Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance and Management Accounting we ensure sound understanding of the fundamentals of finance.

This coupled with rich coverage of courses in the area of Marketing, Operations, Human resources, Analytics and General management helps the student to appreciate the cross-functional linkages and thus provide a broader understanding of the business.

A student becomes adept at understanding economic cycles, industries and their business models. Pedagogy adopted includes a mix of lectures, case discussions, in class assignments, games, group projects, presentation and viva, among others to make sure that the student appreciates the theory as well as the practice.

In addition to the above, functional experts deliver few sessions in the courses from the Industry (termed as practitioner sessions) that help to keep the content practice oriented as well as contemporary.

An extended internship period of 14-weeks at the end of first year of course work allows the student to apply the concepts so learned in the classroom to the real life setting and thus enhance the understanding of the subject.

In the second year of the program, the Institute follows an approach of career-based electives that help students to make a portfolio of courses based on their career choice. The career choices in the area of Finance can be categorized mainly into the field of Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Credit Underwriting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Financial Analytics, Wealth management, etc.

Based on the student temperament as well as the interest, faculty guide the students into making the subject choice. The students are also exposed to corporate databases such as CMIE (Prowess), Capitaline, etc and research databases such as EBSCO, Proquest among others that help them to work on real company data and  undertake various projects in their two years at the Institute.

“FINACEA” the finance club at IMT-Hyderabad organizes many domain based competitions and also comes out with a newsletter with articles contributed by students.

The students are encouraged to participate in competitions organized by other B-Schools as well as professional bodies with active faculty mentoring. This year the team from IMT-Hyderabad reached the Zonal finals of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Research Challenge program, organized by the CFA body.

Thus IMT-Hyderabad helping in molding, building and thereby set the stage for flourishing career for the student in the area of Finance.

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