Internationalization of MDI-M

Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak, Prof. Shivam Gupta and Prof. Tapan Sarker’s recent visit at MDI Murshidabad was a grand event in totality to potray the fact that how important it is to connect with the world and thus the saying “If you aren’t connecting with the world, you aren’t connecting at all”, stands true for every institution, big or small. To connect with the world and to live up to the international standards MDI Murshidabad has been organizing several guest sessions, workshop, simulation exercises by the professors of world renowned Universities. The recent visitors were Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak, Prof. Shivam Gupta and Prof. Tapan Sarker.

 Dr. Zbigniew Krysiak from Warsaw School of Economics visited MDI Murshidabad for a workshop on Portfolio Management. The 5-day workshop was about the practical application of the Garch Model, adjusting the weights of stocks in a portfolio.

Prof. Shivam Gupta, from Montpellier Business School, France offered a marquee Certificate Course on “Introduction to Big Data and Business Analytics”. The seven-day course introduced students to the nitty-gritty of Big Data, Tableau, Power BI and Advance Excel.

Prof. Tapan Sarker, Associate Professor, Department of Business Strategy and Innovation, Griffith University, took a workshop on Sustainability and Systems Thinking. The workshop helped students get deep insights into the ideal problem-solving framework for sustainability.

Such sessions help MDI-M stand to its vision of “Connect, Nurture and Grow”.

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