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Join the discussion on MDI Murshidabad and Get all the details about PGPM 2020-22 Admission Process, Eligibility, Fees, placements and cut off.


Management Development Institute of India (MDI), Murshidabad is a leading business school of India. Striving for academic excellence and continued innovation, MDI Murshidabad aims to prepare thought leaders of tomorrow who will shape the future of the industry.


1. Brief Introduction about the course

Post Graduate Program in Management is the flagship course offered by MDI Murshidabad. The objective of the program is to nurture the students and build as well as enhance their managerial competence. It helps them become effective leaders who have the potential to transform organisations.


2. Eligibility 

• Minimum 50% marks in Class 10th and 12th exams or equivalent CGPA.

• Applicant must have completed an undergraduate degree (minimum 4 years) from a recognized university or deemed university with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA.

• Applicants must have a total work experience of at least 1-year.


3. Selection Process 

• Applicants must fill the online application form on the official website of MDI Murshidabad or MDI Gurgaon.

• Online Application fee to be paid by all applicants which varies according to the institute(s) applied for.

• Candidates will be shortlisted based on their CAT / GMAT scores and details filled in the application form.

• The final list of selected candidates will be prepared after GD and PI. 


4. Application Start and End date 

• The application process starts from –       11th September 2019

• The application process ends on      –       31st January 2020


5. Exam accepted for Course




6. Placements Report for the Class of 2018

• Highest Package – 12.0 Lakhs per annum

• Average Package –  9.03 Lakhs per annum

• Median Package –  9.05 Lakhs per annum


7. Scholarship offered by the College

No scholarships are available. Financial assistance is available in the form of loans from select banks.

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Can i get a management qouta seat in mdi murshidabad without giving cat exam ??

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Asking in a neutral group... which one is better? 

IMT Nagpur (PGDM Marketing)
Welingkar Bangalore (PGDM Ebiz)
15 answers
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Just visited MDI Murshidabad ! It's a fabulous campus to experience rural India and enjoy the scenic views of buffaloes and smell of cow poop. 💩 🐄 Also since it's a Naxalite area, you'll also get to hear the melodious sound of gunshots in the evening hours.

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@sg9627  ·  2 karma

Man! you could've spent the time, you wasted visiting the campus into some professional development of yourself. You don't seem to look like MBA material, you lack any efficient time and resource management skills. It will be ironic in life due to your poor work culture and attitude, your boss ends up being from MDI-M. All the best for your future man! Cheers!

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@Shikhar_Prasad  ·  1 karma

@Aditya219 hmm..acha..thik hai

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As per the directives by AICTE ,the session for the upcoming batch will start from 1-aug-2020. Registration to the programe will start from 25th of july and all the document mentioned in the admission mail will be required as a scanned copy.

A detailed Mail from the addmission office will be given in due time .



PR cell MDI Murshidabad
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@Swerve  ·  0 karma

hello. how many days does the institute take to refund the first instalment? i applied for the refund on 20th july and had paid the 1st instalment of prg fee on march 19th for pgpm 20-22.

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@Swerve Within 14 working days you'll get your refund.

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Good morning aspirants

MDIM has an official watsapp group for converts . Kindly DM on 7021833857 to get added and get your queries resolved.



PR cell MDI Murshidabad
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When will the refund is more than 45 days since i applied for my refund

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@Shiv51292MDI Murshidabad  ·  86 karma

45Days?? i guess for refunds dated 45 days ago are already  june 3 or 4 itself.. Kindly contact the addmission cell or msg on 7021833857

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@Roshan1998  ·  8 karma

yup..i got the refund yesterday

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I have paid for the waitlist offer on 21st. Any idea about how many days it will take for final offer or waitlist movement ??

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@Shiv51292MDI Murshidabad  ·  86 karma

kindly msg your number in 7021833857..will add you in the watsapp grp

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Please suggest and also mention the reason why ?

MDI murshidabad finance
Weschool finance
Nl dalmia finance
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 Asking on a neutral group, Which would be the better option?

 (Cosidering the present situation in Mumbai)

PS- I am from Delhi

Welingkar Mumbai Core
Great Lakes Gurgaon PGDM
Bimtech PGDM
Poll Check
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Asking for a friend..Reply if you actually have an idea! Is IMT Nagpur worth joining(even under normal circumstances)

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