Innovations are a way of life at Jaipuria Institute of Management

 ‘Quality before
Scalability’ is an oft-heard mantra, but nowhere does this hold as true as in
the business education scenario in India. At the turn of the millennium,
management institutes were sprouting in every nook and corner of the country.
But twenty years down the line, we notice that very few actually lived beyond a
decade. One of those who not only survived but actually thrived – and is today recognized
as a formidable brand -is the Jaipuria Institute of Management. Raised in the
mid-nineties, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow was established by
stalwarts from the domain of education from the pre-independence era. During
its fledgling years, the management of Jaipuria Lucknow observed, studied and
understood the dynamics of the Knowledge Revolution, and embedded this deeply
into its DNA. So, by the time the second campus came up in Noida in 2004,
innovations had become second nature to Jaipuria Institute of Management. It is
for this reason that Jaipuria is today known for producing managers and leaders
who are essentially Knowledge Society compliant.

Frankly speaking, Jaipuria Institute of Management has come
this far only because of its ability to innovate and keep up with the times,
and at a very fast pace,
” points our Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director, Jaipuria
Institute of Management, Jaipur. “Student Councils, the Individual Development
Plan through a strong mentor-mentee programs, increasing focus on industry
connect, taking administrative decision-making right to staff and faculty, 24 x
7 accessibility of academic resources to students through E-learning, and
social media tools… all such innovations are deeply ingrained within our DNA
now. I strongly believe that in the UnCampus philosophy, our years of
innovation have come together under one umbrella. All the four campuses are
seamlessly integrated, allowing free exchange of ideas and events, and leading
to unprecedented collaboration between students, faculty and staff.

Many a time, events happening within the campus inspire
innovations. For instance, campus life after classes was always interesting,
but a couple of years ago, the concept of ‘Life-after-6’was introduced
formally, bringing in a series of value added activities. Today, foreign
language classes and guitar classes during the 7-8 PM slot are big hits! The
‘Midnight Reading Hub’ is turning out to be another ‘happening’ innovation at
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.

The atmosphere at all the Jaipuria campuses is quite
informal, with teachers acting more as facilitators and students being
encouraged to think things through. With knowledge easily available through the
internet, Jaipuria’s faculty focus more on the emotional aspects of students –
acting as friends and guides and always keeping the learning process high on
the  ‘fun quotient’.  Therefore, most of the teaching in Jaipuria
campuses happens beyond the four walls of the classroom, in lush green lawns or
on industry sites.

Technology and this generation’s behavioral choices have a
major impact on how education is imparted on Jaipuria campuses. This has led to
a paperless mode of education. Infact, the latest Jaipuria campus at Indore is
completely digitaland has been from its inception because of the lessons picked
up from other campuses.

Interestingly, the management of Jaipuria Institute of
believes that one of the major reasons behind their success is that
right from the beginning, everyone within the folds of the Jaipuria campuses
believed they worked for a B-school second to none. Riding on its hugely
successful legacy of innovations, the management of Jaipuria is quite confident
of producing managers who are well ahead of their times.

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