Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) Plan Online Semester

The institute states that they are about to resume courses through video conferencing. Reckoning that the Covid 19 virus crisis is not to end soon, most of the Indian Institute of Management is scheduling to conduct class and exams in subsequent six months.

The faculty members, officials, including the director of the institute, stated that they are chalking out courses as well as the hallmark MBA course to be commenced for one semester, through videoconferencing.

Bhimaraya Metri chief of IIM Tiruchirappalli stated that the said institute would be starting an executive MBA program targeted for working executives. Similar plans would be rolled out; including regular MBA in future and all courses would be conducted on the digital platform.

Metri also emphasized that the institute can perform the online exam if students appearing tests from home adhere to some remote proctoring. Remote proctoring will authenticate the candidate and conduct in a secured online examination with artificial intelligence-based proctoring. He also stated ebooks are arranged for students.

Many other premier IIMs have parallel plans. An IIM Ahmedabad  professor stated his apprehension that interactive face to face classes would not be resumed soon in this current circumstance.  Even if the class restarts, many parents will be unwilling to send their ward in the institution.

There will be a massive intrusion from local government authorities, even if the class reopens with few numbers of students. The online model is the best substitute in the current situation.

A professor from IIM Kolkata, Anindya Sen said that the industry also must accept this digital mode of education and recognize it. The industry leaders must accept this mode of education as a conventional one and not as a makeshift one.

He also viewed his opinion that Governments, industry, educational institutes and authorities must work hand in hand in making online teaching as a standard model of education. He also acknowledged the drawbacks of online teaching, as it limits the coverage of content, supervising students in class and inconvenience of students with the weaker economic background.

He said a lot of resources is needed to set up the framework to improvise students to access online teaching.

 Metri too viewed this trepidation, stating students from Tier-III cities will face problem due to lack or inferior quality of internet.

He also stated, one solution is to avail online material from government institutions

to recompense the learning gap due to inaccessibility of videoconferencing sessions.

Usually, the IIMs commence their MBA course in June, but considering the present situation, it may get started by the end of July or first week of August.

The IITs are yet to take any emergency plans, but core senate meetings are held regularly to evaluate the situation. Presently the premier institutions are chalking out plans how to grade students from the last semester.

A professor from IIT Bombay is upbeat about conducting regular class as the situation improves from July.  Former students have also urged the institutions to start online classes.

Stimulated classroom with a high degree of interactivity and technology assistance will benefit the students to a great extent.

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Source – Telegraph India