India Rising

The year 2013 saw the nation unite, fight and strive to make this country a better place to live in, perhaps the first time after the freedom struggle. Maybe it was the anger and frustration of the people against the judiciary or the growing anxiety because of the failing economy or the resentment towards the everyday emerging government scams or maybe all of these which contributed towards the outrage.

Many Indians will be thrilled to see the back of 2013, for it has largely been a rotten year, save for some. This year has been rocked by shockers after shockers — the devastation in Uttarakhand which killed thousands, the Mumbai gang rape, Tehelka editor Tarun Tejpal being accused of rape, godman Asaram and son being arrested for rape, and the Supreme Court verdict on gay sex, — the list is seemingly endless. While some shocks had us wringing our hands in despair, others made our blood boil, but each one of them did make an impact to our lives.

Many of us would see people of all age groups protesting in front of India Gate to demand justice for the Nirbhaya case and wonder whether lighting candles would secure the tormented soul some justice. It was also overly optimistic to believe that all those who gathered there were the ones who respected women and treated them with dignity in their own lives. But if we look at it the other way round, regardless of the means of the protest even if the whole uprising proves to be thought provoking for a few men and gives courage to some women, a better tomorrow is not too far.

With the demand of Jan Lokpal Bill, the motherland again witnessed a viral motion of the masses. The peaceful protests by the citizens in Ramleela Maidan were welcomed with laathi charges and water cannons which in turn reinstated in them the need for a better political system in the country. Hence, the year end saw the rise of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) by Arvind Kejriwal which promises to clean up politics after a stunning electoral debut that has shaken up the country’s two main parties . But whether AAP will be able to do justice to people’s expectations or will it be able to secure adequate support from Congress, the party they had been largely targeting till date, are some of the questions only time can tell.

The year 2013 has indeed proved itself to be a turning point in the history of Indian politics. The common man of India has now risen, to demand justice, to fight oppression, to uproot corruption and to take India towards prosperity.