Increase in GRE Exam Fees: ETS Official States that Competitor Rates are still Higher

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standard test conducted for several aspirants to be accepted in an educational institute of their choice.

Majority of graduate schools and universities accept the scores of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admission requirements in countries like the UK and Canada. As per the latest updates, the application fee for the GRE has been increased by 3.9 per cent.

Choosing a foreign university for education is no easy task. Students have to go an extra mile to ensure that they secure admission in the best university.

Moreover, while taking admission into a foreign university, the student must submit the required documents as per the standard guidelines. Engineering courses and programmes are commonly offered to students in different foreign universities located in UK and US.

For taking admissions into engineering programmes offered to students in places likes the UK and the US a standard process is followed.

ETS increased GRE cost by 3.9 percent

Educational Testing Service (ETS) is an administrative body and has been administrating GRE examinations for different educational institutions located in different corners of the world.

As per the details shared by the Executive Director of Higher Education at the Global Education Division, Educational Testing Service (ETS), Alberto Acerade, shared that competitors offering a similar service to young aspirants have also increased their application fee to sustain in the market for a longer time span.

Alberto Acereda further shared that the admission processes and services have been elevated so that the students receive a good experience.

Moreover, he further added that several graduate programmes have been evaluating and making changes in their admission processes to ensure that selection practices during the admission process are fair to the applicant.

The key aim of these programmes is to ensure that the right candidate could be selected.

At present, the application cost has been increased by 3.9 per cent and is available for $213. The other competitors have also increased their application costs for the standard online exam offered to students.

Earlier, competitors were providing an online exam for $200, however, the increased value has reach at $250.

Acereda further added that ETS evaluates the costings every year across different centres conducting the GRE examinations. The test fee structures are reviewed at regular intervals and are further adjusted whenever necessary.

This ensures that a standard fee structure is circulated across every test centre conducting a GRE examination. The increase in fee structure is also because there is an increase in cost with the passage of time and the introduction of new local taxes. Thus, the fee is occasionally increased by ETS.

Various reasons attributed to the increase in GRE cost

Apart from the key reasons shared by the authorities for the fee hike, several people estimate that the aftermaths of lockdown have also made the authorities to increase the application fee.

Amidst the widespread of coronavirus, there has been a significant possibility that educational institutes located in the US are likely to scrap off the requirements of GRE for the present year.

The move will, in turn, make the application and admission process easier for international students amidst the pandemic.

Graduate programmes have been offering massive flexibility to applicants by ensuring an easy application and admission process. Due to the challenges faced by the students, the admission cycle is likely to get easier and simpler for the present year.

Certain schools have become lenient regarding the test scores submitted to them, acceptance scores submitted or the number of letter of recommendations.

While on the other hand, some schools have been waiving off application fee, and some are providing financial accommodation to students during tough financial times like these.

To understand the requirements of students and schools better, ETS has been closely working with deans, admission officers and faculty members of different educational institutions.

Several changes and modifications await in the education community since there has been a prolong ongoing debate on whether there is a need for standard test for admissions or not.

Many insist on having a standardised test which would be accepted in different higher education programmes in foreign universities.

On this, Acereda stated that test scores and accepting marks shed light on several useful information regarding the education communities.

The test scores also indicate the required skill set for students to be accepted in good schools. Acereda further stated that the test scores are helpful for research purposes only.

Against the urging of ETS, several educational institutions rely on test scores for making quick decisions regarding the admissions.

Thus, the process is a little unfair for applicants. ETS has recently launched virtual platforms to educate educational institutions about the holistic admission process and other necessary requirements.

GRE to be conducted online

GRE is now being conducted through online mode. ETS has been coming up with solutions to employ security measures, while the test is being conducted.

These solutions will be using both artificial intelligence technology and real-time human monitoring to ensure that no discrepancy is created. The online test will be allowing 183,000 students from over 156 countries to take the test from their homes.

The test format, scoring parameters and other guidelines are the same for both online and offline exam. However, students can select the timings as per their schedule since the paper is available on every day for seven days.

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