AICTE denies bump in tuition fees

The COVID-19 lockdown started on March 25 and was extended multiple times. This has affected the wages of numerous families as businesses stayed shut for a considerable length of time together. Paying expenses for private schooling in both schools and universities has gotten troublesome.

In Response, The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) wrote a letter to all the Ministry of Human Resource Development, various universities and colleges who are providing the courses of business management, engineering, and medical services should not force students to pay educational fees during the lockdown.

AICTE strongly expressed that students can’t be compelled to pay any educational or hostel fees during the lockdown. Because of the lockdown, the monetary state of average families isn’t acceptable.

In such circumstances, parents have likewise been advised about saving money for education. It also contains guidelines to pay the salaries of educators and not to sack them.

Prior to the interest of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, IIT, NIT and IIIT likewise chose not to expand education costs in the academic session 2020-21. After this, specialized universities can also give alleviation to understudies on the interest of AICTE.

In any case, the board has likewise clarified that students of specialized universities should pay fees however not at one go. AICTE however, has not asked students to not pay educational/semester fees.

Many parents take education credits, and because of the lockdown, it is hard to finish the paperwork for the loan. So they ought to be given sufficient time.

Meanwhile, the UGC council is trying to set up online exams and semester examinations. AICTE will set- up a new academic schedule for 2020 and new rules for the examination.

Students who can’t seek jobs after their mid-year internship prerequisites because of the lockdown have been encouraged to attempt temporary positions by means of work from home, however, AICTE has likewise expanded the cutoff time for satisfying internship requirements until December 2020.

AICTE states that all universities have been coordinated to give this information on their site and notice boards also communicate the same information to all the students through email. Students, teachers, and other instructive foundations have additionally been encouraged not to have confidence in any sort of fake news on social media, and trust the data accessible on the site of AICTE, UGC and Ministry of Human Resource Development.

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Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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