IMT Hyderabad | Majority of my learning happened because of the residential course – Ashiana Routray

The MBA journey at IMT Hyderabad has brought in a very different outlook and added to developing my perspective in the last two years. This course is not just about specialized subject learning, it makes you into a strong opinionated individual. It enhanced my problem-solving capabilities not just in the subjects that I am pursuing, also in personal life. And those late-night assignments and year-round events sure did enhance my time management skills. With plethora of opportunities to pursue, being part of the Sports club, Finance club and Alumni Relations committee I finally discovered what I am good at and what drives my passion in life.

Along with the several clubs and committees by the students and for the students the internship program is one of the driving forces of MBA at IMT. Having received the opportunity to intern with RBI Hyderabad, I was elated that this program runs for 14-16 weeks which had my learning graph grow exponentially. Not just the internship but a peek to the corporate life is provided by several top notch of the industries who visit our campus to take practitioner sessions. They contribute to 15% of classes along with our esteemed faculties who have adopted several style pedagogies.

The residential course at IMT is home to students from all over the country. Although I have been away from home since 2012, hostel experience was new to me and it turned out to be one of the life-changing experiences I have had. It seemed like a task living in a campus with 500 people pursuing the same course, but majority of my learning happened because of the residential course. It’s a mesmerizing campus and I loved the 2 am coffee chit-chats at our cafeteria, morning jogs in the cool breeze and the view of evening sunset in the paddy fields surrounding the campus.

Ashiana Routray
Batch 2017-19