SDMIMD’s Student Exchange Program: Learning, with a difference

In keeping with its high standing as a leading B-school of the country, SDMIMD, Mysore has completed agreements for student and faculty exchange programs with 15 prominent universities and business schools the world over.  SDMIMD is the only non-IIM institute in India to have been accredited by two international accreditation agencies – EFMD of Europe and ACBSP of United States.

The institute has partnered with Texas A&M University, USA; Shanghai University, China; University of Bordeaux, France; ESC Pau, France;  University of Montevideo, Uruguay; Abu Dhabi University, UAE; British University in Dubai; Heilbronn University, Germany; Universidad EAN, Colombia, Sudamerica; National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan; Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Colombia; Business Analytics Institute, Europe & EAE Business School, Spain for their comprehensive Student Exchange Programs.The agreement with Montpellier Business School, France is being signed on 17th December,

By virtue of these exchange programs, students of SDMIMD get to spend a whole term in one or other of the overseas universities and attend classes with the students there.  Credits obtained by the students are transferred to SDMIMD and incorporated into the final transcript.  These exchange programs do not entail any additional tuition fee from the students.  To help the students to meet their travel and subsidized accommodation requirements, SDMIMD pays them a subsidy scholarship depending on the destination and the duration of the program.

Director of the institute Dr. N.R. Parasuraman emphasised that, the exchange programs enable students to understand each country’s social culture, values and the business practices incorporated. It gives the students a competitive edge in terms of international opportunities so as to get an exposure to international business outlooks and prepare themselves for international placement opportunities.

Student Exchange Programs at SDMIMD are known to have added values to the personal growth of the students. They get an opportunity to go beyond their comfort zones, leaving themselves with ample learnings and experiences. It also helps students to avail the most desired yet difficult international opportunities, thereby adding value to their careers as well as to the quality education provided by the institute.

In addition to student’s exchange, the agreements encompass faculty exchange as well.  By virtue of this, 4 faculty from SDMIMD taught courses in overseas universities during 2018-19.  Nine faculty from abroad have handled courses for the benefit of SDMIMD students this year.