IMT Hyderabad | Know More About Your Faculty – Dr. Debadutta Kumar Panda

Dr. Debadutta Kumar Panda

Professor – General Management & Chairperson-International Relations

  • Visiting Scholar, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • MSS, London School of Economics & Political Science, London, UK
  • National Eligibility Test (NET) in Agricultural Economics conducted by ICAR (Recognized by UGC/CSIR)
  • Debadutta Kumar Panda (Deb) had worked for WTCER (ICAR, Govt. of India), Bayer’s, Tansa Consultants and Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS).
  • He had conducted more than 20 consulting assignments for international and national agencies.
  • He has authored two books and published more than 40 international and national research papers.
  • He was associated with University of Maryland, College Park, Washington D.C. to teach simulation for strategic decision making.

Teaching Interests:

  • Strategic Management
  • Strategy Implementation and Control
  • Managing Strategic Networks
  • Managerial Economics and Business Strategy

Research Interests:

  • Small Business Management
  • Organizational Collaborations
  • Strategic Networking
  • Microfinance

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