Seas flowing serenity, the splendid mountain backdrop and the sky kissing edifices.

We, the students of PGDM, Doon Business School were charmed to land on the beautiful city of Hong Kong through an international excursion. The five day trip carried a bunch of memories along, and a new experience altogether. The faculty company of Prof. N.S. Negi would make your experience even more indelible. While for most of us the first stamp on the passport was worth a status update, each and every one of us was completely grabbed in the fascination of the place.

The first thing that beheld our attention was the bus service there. The double decker buses have no conductor and the fare is to be dropped in a box that is attached in the bus. You can’t get a change if you dropped more and nobody checks if you dropped less. That’s how they trust their people. I wonder if anyone would ever drop an amount if this system existed in India.

The “ROYAL” view hotel

Our eyes got widened when we entered the place of our stay. The Royal view hotel located in the Tsuen Wan area of Hong Kong truly justifies its name. The unfussy sophistication of the ambience was enough to make us feel that we are in a different nation. The best part of the hotel was the buffet breakfast provided with a wide variety of both non-veg and vegetarian options. The hotel was so alluring, with all the necessities and facilities in the room, one would not want to leave the stay and explore the city, but such opportunities don’t come often was the only thing that pushed us on all days there and everyday we saw something new and jaw dropping.

Under the lights

The first day was to roam through the city streets to explore the culture of the place. For every justifiable distance you would find street players and human statues. The city becomes more alive after the sunset. The large buildings beamed out colorful lights that mirrored at the sea and would be best experienced while having a ferry ride that is called as a “Star ferry crossing” there. China is known to be the world’s largest populated country however no place in Hong Kong will ever seem crowded to you. Infact people don’t often would be seen talking to each other. They are deeply sunk into their 5inch devices. We could hear only our people talking or laughing whether it’s the metro or the hotel.

Tian Tan Buddha and Victoria Harbor were some other places where you could explore during the day. These points give a beautiful frame of the entire city. Whether you love seas, beaches, mountains, architectures or just a redefining culture, Hong Kong would be the answer to all. The Lido beach near our place of stay was the favorite spot for all of us to relax after an exhaustive day out.

The University of Hong Kong

We had spent a day at the University of Hong Kong. As soon as you reach the metro station, an elevator will lead you almost inside the premises. Our Chairman’s daughter who is an alumni there helped us through the campus walls. The huge cafeteria gained our attention. The ambience was a beautiful amalgamation of openness and professionalism. There was a museum inside the University that took us to the era of Earth’s revolution. A session in their auditorium was worth to attend. We also got a chance to interact with the students there to understand the differences in the culture and studies. And that is when you realize the importance of an international expedition or an immersion trip.

Welcome to the time machine!

The first thing we could think of visiting in Hong Kong was the ‘Disneyland’. A place where all of us turned into kids and enjoyed to the fullest. The metro which leads you to Disneyland is full of Mickey faces and colors reminding you of the destination. And as you enter the big large entrance, you can never decide to capture its aliveness through the eyes or through the camera. Each and every corner of the place was worth a lens. The famous parade of the Disneyland would take you to a virtual tour. The long list of games, activities and adventures would make every penny worth it. The human dolls, dancing ‘Mickey’, indoor roller coasters, toy train, jungle river cruise and the colorful satiric architecture were some of the major attractions of the place.

“Sarojini” of Hong Kong

Your bargaining talents would also benefit you outside the Indian boundaries. Mongkok was the local market of the city, a square of street outlets where you would find all kinds of items ranging from electronics to clothes. While you get tired, shopping all day, you can pamper your stomach with an Indian restaurant located in the market. The “SPICY INDIAN RESTAURANT” serves all kinds of Indian delicacies and we got blessed to eat “daal chawal” in a place like Hong Kong, which is a challenge for all the vegans like me.

Where everybody was busy eating Ham or beef, Negi Sir ordered me a “chicken burger without chicken” with fries loaded in between to give it a Mc. aloo tikki twist. That’s how I survived a day out lunch. Otherwise we were told to carry ‘ready to eat’ packets that we could easily cook in the tiny kitchen provided inside the hotel room which made our existence a lot easier.

Say no to yawn!

Energize your dumb molecules with the outrageous night life of Hong Kong- The Lan Kwai Fong. The LKF is one of Hong Kong’s most well-known nightlife hot spots and home to more than 90 eateries and bars. The environment ranges from beautiful wine pairings to rowdy jam shots. The dancing street cannot hold your foot for long.

The entire trip was worth every penny. The HK days were the best and the most amazing part of our entire PGDM life. Our passports and hearts both have been stamped with the prepossessing memories of Hong Kong.



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