IIT Kharagpur Collaboration with Start-ups
IIT Kharagpur Collaboration with Start-ups

MSMEs are being roped in by IIT Kharagpur’s Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology which is for collaborative consultancy and R&D projects to develop resources for Industry 4.0. Here, Industry 4.0 refers to the current trend in manufacturing technologies of data exchange and automation.

Funded by Public Enterprises, Government of India and the Department of Heavy Industry of Ministry of Heavy Industries, the center has signed a MoU with the startup called Hemraj Infocom which is based in Kolkata. This is a recent initiative and is taken to promote industrial research internship for students and industrial consultancy, as per the statement on Monday by an IIT KGP.

Heading the facility of IIT KGP, Prof Surjya K Pal also stated that they are looking forward to more such startups joining the consortium and they will be mentoring along with Hemraj in an area where their center has a strong foothold, which happens to be in manufacturing applications.

Find more details on the official website of IIT Kharagpur, http://www.iitkgp.ac.in/ .

Pal also added that they will further provide them training on cutting-edge industrial applications and also research solutions for the typically faced industrial challenges, be it real-time data processing, cloud computing, analysis and storage, real-time processing, networking and automation and that the training will be free.

The problem statements shared by the startup can be worked on by students who belong to various backgrounds, which includes electronics and electrical communication or electrical or mechanical engineering.

Abhishek Saha, the Head of Business Development of Infocom chimed in saying they are enthusiastic about seeking guidance on projects that are mission critical from a reputed academic institute like IIT Kharagpur as this will enable them to deliver proof of concept and projects and thereon implementing niche areas of Research and Development in their business operations.

Several industry-aligned short-term courses, workshops, talks by experts of the industry for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and capital goods sector in areas like composite manufacturing, metallography and computer numerical controls has been conducted by the Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology. This opportunity is also open for students from other educational institutions.

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