IIM Lucknow and WileyNXT Launch Talent Analytics Executive Course For HR Aspirants 

Talent Analytics is a 6-months analytics course offered online by IIM Lucknow that focuses on human capital planning, human resource optimization, recruitment, staffing, compensation optimization, and talent sourcing. 

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow has prepared an online platform to launch an executive talent analytics program. This course will offer an extensive curriculum of 6 months where enthusiasts will be trained in new techniques of HR used worldwide.

This is an excellent course where talent can be managed using AI platforms and analytics programming. It is the future of human resource management where companies will be able to manage their human capital and retain talent accordingly to the business strategies.

WileyNXT has partnered with IIM Lucknow to conduct this program. This is an online learning platform that will manage this program and conduct it online along with the institute. The prime focus of this executive course is to train the HR professionals in using AI and Analytics platforms.

These digital skills can be also be pursued by final year MBA candidates to strengthen their profiles. A certificate will be provided by IIM Lucknow and WileyNXT. 

The curriculum has been researched and developed by IIM Lucknow faculty members and program directors Girish Balasubramanian and Sanjeet Singh. This intensive executive course will also deliver experiential learning of such platforms along with the mandatory business management content.

It means that an aspirant will be exposed to various algorithms and analytics techniques transforming the real-world applications in the HR industry worldwide.

This course will teach how these intelligent software platforms can be used to make HR responsibilities such as workforce planning, employee retention, compensation optimization, talent sourcing, recruitment, staffing, etc can be done in a redefined way using AI and analytics.

The business context will be brought into the course by different industry experts who are currently using these platforms to revolutionize HR management in leading companies across the world.

Professor D Tripati Rao, Chairperson, Executive Education (MDP), IIM Lucknow stated that this a brilliant phase where the HR management of a company is willing to endorse digital transformation that is currently taking the industries by storm.

These HR-related analytics and AI platforms will show how human capital can be identified, recruited, trained, and retained to make a workforce better.

The leading companies are also taking a step ahead to incorporate such platforms to identify talents and nurture them within the organization.

The contemporary mindset of the management of such companies are also changing, said the professor. They want to engage every entity in the workforce and make the working environment much better.

Vikas Gupta, MD, Wiley India, mentioned this is a unique step towards preparing talents across the country who can use data-driven HR solutions and manage talent within the companies.

He added that the organizations in different industries are showing immense enthusiasm to introduce data analytics, AI, machine learning, and design thinking to design an effective strategy for talent management and reduce HR costs in recruiting, training, staffing and compensating.

The executives trained under this course will be able to solve real-world problems and create a better workforce to meet challenges in the near future.

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