IIM-L welcomes Spirited and Diligent Yash Gandhi 

Yash Avadesh Gandhi – this name is in the headlines for the right reasons today.

We have seen a deluge of distressing news lately – cataclysmal coronavirus, receding economy, foreign invasion, etc.

The propitious news of Yash Gandhi’s admission to IIM Lucknow has brought the right amount of cheer. A student of Mithibai College, Mumbai, he cracked the CAT with 92.5 percentile. 

What is unique about making it to an IIM with a ninety plus percentile? Have many others not done it too, you ask.

Twenty-one year old Yash suffers from cerebral palsy (a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture), dyslexia (learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading, and dysarthria (weakness in the muscles used for speech, which often causes slowed or slurred speech).

Yash has trouble speaking, walking, and learning. He needs a writer while taking written examinations.

Yash’s father, Avadesh Gandhi, said that Yash had found it difficult to cope with his lessons in school, but he learnt to cope with them gradually. He always had to work harder than his classmates. 

When Yash reached a point where he found it impossible to continue, his mother, Jignasha, who works as a supervisor in a midday meal kitchen, encouraged him to use his potential, goading him not to give up.

Yash said that he had to work harder at the quantitative ability section in the CAT, and working with numbers is not easy for him. He had started his preparations for the CAT when he was in the second year of graduation. He is thankful to Harshit Hindocha, whom he calls his “spiritual brother.”

Yash’s endeavors saw fruition in the form of IIM calls from IIM Lucknow, Indore, and Kochi. He chose IIM-L as it is ranked higher than Indore and Kochi. 

Yash has started online lessons at IIM-L from his house in Mumbai.

Yash’s story is one of mettle and heroism. The word is waiting to hear more such positive news.  

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