Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sri City

The IIIT is funded by Government of
India (50%), Government of AP (35%) and Industry Partners (15%). The first batch of the institute
started functioning from the campus of International Institute of Information
Technology, Hyderabad in 2013-14. The second batch onwards will function from
the campus of Institute for Financial Management Research at Sri City.

The permanent campus of IIIT
Sri City is located at Ramachandrapuram Village,
Satyavedu Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. The Institution is coming up on a
campus of 70 acres and plans to be a green institute. The IIIT will endeavor to
function on 100% Solar Energy from neighboring Solar Farms. It will also
encourage its inhabitants to use electrical vehicles for movement within the
Campus. Most of the water requirement will be met through rainwater-harvesting
and re-use of treated waste-water. IIIT is a
residential Institute and it is compulsory for all students to reside in the campus.
Separate hostels for boys and girls will be available on-campus with necessary
facilities. Students can access Campus-Network and computing facilities from
their hostel rooms through Wi-Fi.

Sri City

The institute currently offers

B. Tech in Computer Science and
Engineering (CSE) – 60 Seats

B.Tech in Electronics and Communicati.on
Engineering (ECE) – 60 Seats

In addition to the above Majors, a number of Minors
in the areas of Consumer Electronics, Automotive Engineering, Supply Chain Management,
Sustainable Energy, and Aerospace will be offered.

More than just studies

Students are expected to actively participate in at
least one sporting activity based on personal choice. Facilities are provided
for cricket, volley ball, soccer, basket-ball, table tennis, badminton,
swimming etc. IIIT students will have access to the upcoming international-size
cricket ground and golf course.

The new integrated business city of Sri CIty is bound to be a great boon to the placements.

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