IFIM Placement Report 2014

IFIM Business School has concluded its Finals Placements for the batch of 2012-14. The placements started on an upbeat and continued on the high note mirroring the general economic sentiment in the country. It has heralded the sanguine phase of the Job Market for MBA’s and going forward we expect more and better opportunities for our students.

Interact with current IFIM students to know more about the placements.

Key Trends

 There was a surge in jobs in technology based businesses.

 E- Commerce has grown in size and had emerged as a leading recruiter.

 Banking & Financial Services has recouped after a lull and is picking up students in large number.

 Youngsters have the confidence to start a new venture immediately after MBA.

 Education Management is becoming a hot sector in South India with a large of ed-tech companies based out of Bangalore.

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