I was just ONE STEP BEHIND !!

It is the time we are entering the 2nd phase of the admission process. For some of us going through the 1st stage for very difficult I guess, but now we take it as a HANG OUT WITH FRIENDZ time which actually it is not.

This is not the time to take rest but to go further with your dream. GDPI and WATs are ON. Only those will get through who work hard for coming 2 months atleast. If not then we shall wonder for the whole of our lives or atleast for next 1 year that “I was this close and could not make it just with MARGINS”. People will take it as a excuse without knowing how much labour had you applied. They have no right in ticking into our lives but this is the society friends and it goes in this way only.

All we need to do is JUST BE OURSELVES in these tricky times. Take a deep breadth and spend a moment of INTROSPECTION having no thought in your mind. This will show you the way, an exact and an easier one. Everyday is an opportunity to step forward for what we looking for since we had started preparing.

I always dreamed about getting into IIM Ahemdabad. Day n night, walking or eating, writing or reading. Now when I have a call, I’ll not leave any stone un-turned because this is the opportunity which matches my caliber and if I let it go this time then there is no certainty that this good will happen to me again.

Best of luck to each n everyone who are just one step behind, but remember this is going to be the widest and the toughest step of your journey uptill now.

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