I woke up to see 4 missed calls from my friend and by the time i could open my eyes fully, She was calling again. For a person who’s been working Night shifts and did not have a CAT so great that he would be dreaming of IIM-A,B,C ;i wasn’t too keen on checking the results.All of us know what we did out there in those 140 minutes. I was really hoping if there was a power that could have made me skip the entire day. I was okay if my organization wont pay for one day of work. I am the kind of guy who won’t get jealous because others achieved something great but would introspect and ask, ” What did you do”? SNAP results had been announced a couple of days back and i had scored a 89.xx. I had dreamed of SIIB, SIBM-B’lore with that score[thinking the AP Scores are going to get the cutoffs a notch lower] but then, Life has this way of stumping you when you feel you are going to hit a boundary.

I did not get a call from SIIB or SIBM – B’lore. The weekend after the CAT results were out was the most gloomy weekend i have ever had. I felt dejected, low. Thinking that every thing’s come to an end. I took to pagalguy and saw Posts on GMAT. With close to 3 years of work ex, that was the only option left in my mind. I thought about how i could have had a better CAT score and how i ruined the only chance i had to glory[Yes. I am a United Supporter].

I was going back to Gurgaon[where i work] on Monday evening and i checked a CAT group for i was used to doing the same. “XAT results declared”, said one of the posts.

I remembered my XAT ID for some odd reason. I checked the result and it was a 94.xx. I had tears in my eyes. I could not believe it. I called up my father and with a heavy voice i said,” I am back in the game”.

Here’s a few things i want you to remember :

1. No amount of hard work ever goes waste. God has his ways of rewarding you. You have to accept it with full grace

2. Never ever lose on hope. I know the bible says,” Stop hoping, Start believing”. And i do understand that sometimes, it’s too hard to just believe when everything seems to be going wrong. Hope is the support that keeps your boat afloat[That rhymed].

3. Believe in yourself.

I’d like to quote a dialogue from the Shawshank Redemption :

“Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies”.


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