How to Write an SOP – Tips by BITS Pilani

An important aspect of getting shortlisted for an MBA Program’s GD-PI is to compose a crisp yet convincing SOP. A Google search of the same would fetch you millions of results on how to write a convincing and wonderful SOP. Agreeing with Google a well written SOP could be your one stop solution to get an interview call and even converting the call. So here are a a few important points we would like to stress on:

  • Yes! A SOP should clearly state why you need to join the institute. But that doesn’t mean you should go on praising the college endlessly but should show how your aspirations and dreams are a perfect match with the institute.
  • Clearly state all your skills and how they could be used when it comes to the institute & the MBA program
  • Last but not the least- Be Honest!! A copied SOP is easily identifiable and could put an end to your dream journey then and there.

All the other basic steps of writing an SOP are just one click away from you. So aspirants just keep in mind these few things, go ahead and create a wonderful SOP.

Wishing you best of luck!

BITS Pilani Team