How to Prepare for CAT 2020

Don’t be another brick in the wall, go about your CAT preparations in this manner.

CAT is one of the entrance examinations for you to get into Management Institutions in most of the colleges in India. It is an online test so we hope you are familiar with a computer screen and a mouse to operate it with.

The test enables you to apply to the top management schools like Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) which can be drawn parallels with premier institutions like Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs).

How to go on with the preparation, then?

Pupils who start preparing way ahead of their time get an early head start. Since the examination is for three hours, you have no time to waste in the examination hall, so a word of advice would be to not ponder over the questions which cloud your judgement, but go on with the questions you can answer and you know are sure fire is correct.

  1. Study the pattern: by now you already know that the examination has three broad sections. The VARC section roughly has 34 questions, LRDI has 32, and the QA section has 34 question bullets.
  2. Study the syllabus: the major areas that are to be worked on for VARC are Reading comprehension, summarisation of paragraphs, misfit sentences and paragraph jumbles. You need to have a strong grip on your vocabulary skills to have an extra edge over your competitors. For LRDI, you need to have a great grasp on all the elementary level mathematics.
  3. Strengthen the basics: once you are done studying the syllabus, you need to strengthen your fundamentals and your basics with each subheading. This would help you to grasp your basics properly, and solve topic wise questions, or chapter wise questions.
  4. Give mock tests timely: if you do not attempt the mock tests, then it is a futile attempt to sit for your CAT exams. These sample papers would make you understand the level of the actual CAT paper. Mock tests would also help you determine your areas of strength with respect to the subject areas which would be coming in the paper and help you improve your preparation.
  5. Analyze the test results: a lot of aspirants skip this extremely important step. If you do not assess the results, you would not be able to understand the areas of your strength and weaknesses, and hence, you would not be able to map a study pattern for yourself.

The test is to scoop out the best minds to become corporate managers and later on end up heading and leading companies which might just go on to be featured in the Fortune 500 list.

The test is basically a measure to find capable students who shall be worthy enough to crack all the 3 sections namely Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning + Data Interpretation.

After the very daunting and demanding test, there is also an equally difficult interview process which might include a Group Discussion (GD) or a Written Ability Test (WAT) before the Personal Interview is scheduled. This happens after the results of the CAT are declared within the first few days or weeks of January.

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