A Review of Placements at IMDR

This year the Placement Process does not have to be the same as compared to the previous year’s placement seasons at IMDR.
As we see in all B-Schools as the placement season started, they rush to approach companies for the same begins. But first & foremost the placement committee at IMDR, before rushing to this decision of discussing the already existing Placement Policy & the Placecom decided to make two changes that are increasing the minimum acceptable CTC to 3.6 LPA. Bringing in a new point that if the difference between the offer provided by two companies is two lakhs, then a student can reject the first offer.

So, the crux of letting you know the above things is that IMDR is Student-driven Institute & the same approach is taken down for Placements that the system should be by the students, for the students.
As well as in terms of the strategy the placement committee decided that this year we will diversify the base of the companies offering placements at IMDR. We shifted our focus from BFSI to other sectors such as Information Technology, Logistics, Operations, Human Resources, Finance and more.
The students, as well as the Placecom, had a clear idea that a better profile would help & a package that will follow, this was also well reflected by the students who did not run behind brands & package but good Profiles to start.

We made the process as inclusive as possible, we sat down with the students to understand their needs & which companies are they looking for, and successfully we have received offers from 65+ companies,
Also, we saw that in the previous years, the influx of BFSI companies had increased, not that they offer excellent packages, but the attrition rate is soaring high in the BFSI industry. So we as the Placecom understood it well that why not get in an influx of totally new companies on campus.
In terms of Variety the college saw many companies coming first time on campus such as Hindustan Coca Cola, Cavin Kare in FMCG, Subex, AcutiLabs UK in Operations, Accenture & Axis Bank for finance and many more to name. As well as the Variety was not just in terms of companies but the profiles that were offered at IMDR after a long time, we saw pure profiles were being offered to freshers.

One of the main contributors to this success in the digital platform of LinkedIn, we connected to many people we didn’t just hop in for asking for placements, but we made sure that the ones who get connected, help us as our corporate mentors that can be in terms of guest lectures one on one interactions and so on.
And last but not the least the Placement Committee always believed in the power of “WE”, because the end of the day the whole process is a “WE” effort and not confined to the efforts of one individual.

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