How is Life at International Management Institute, New Delhi (IMI New Delhi)?

The International Management Institute (IMI) New Delhi has been consistently ranked in the top 10-15 Business Schools in the country and among the top 5 private Business Schools. This business school is fully sponsored by the various corporate organisation and is first such educational institute in India. With such excellent sponsorships, the business school imparts exclusive and quality knowledge with regard to management education. IMI Delhi offers education in several management courses for different sectors. 

IMI Delhi is not only known for its high quality of education but also for the huge campus and its enriching campus life of the students. Since students spend a large part of their time on the campus, IMI has taken all the necessary steps to provide students with a campus life that will keep them engaged and entertained. 

Life at IMI abounds in new learning experiences and all-round growth of the students. In this business schools not only do students choose among the best academic courses, but they also get to enjoy an active non-academic life. Students are given the opportunities to join clubs, become a part of the student council and look into the administration or even organise and take part in events. 

One of the highlights during the course in IMI is its international exchange programmes offered by IMI. Under this programme, students from different IMIs from across the world, get an opportunity to come to interact with the students here and vice versa for students who are sent to different cities. 

In order to provide students with a useful and enriching experience apart from the academics, they are encouraged to form and be a part of student-driven groups like public speaking, debating, etc. Through such group, students get a chance to interact with each other and learn more about their talents. In fact, there are also academic clubs which looks into practical applications and cover other such knowledge-based activities. 

A student council is also one of the most basic yet important features in the IMI Delhi. This council is a representative of the entire student body and acts as a liaison between the college management and student body. The members of the student body are selected in a democratic manner. The student council looks into the fact that the students are given a voice and make sure that the administrative system is working. 

There are other committees that are an integral part of the student’s life. Students get to learn a lot in the process. They are given the opportunity to make use of their talents in such committees. It also gives the students a break from the burden of academic achievements. 

Considering all the above aspects, IMI New Delhi is undoubtedly one of the best Business school in the country which provides students with an amazing experience. We would like to have you at IMI New Delhi to experience the journey yourself and create lifetime memories.

All the Best!