How Discipline Timetable can help you crack UPSC Civil Services Exam?

UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019

We all might have heard that “patience is the key to success”, but UPSC has a mix of discipline as well. The UPSC conducts examination every year, and lakhs of students appear for it. But only a handful of students make the final cut.

The only difference between the successful candidates and others is their level of dedication and discipline they blended themselves in.

UPSC civil services examination requires immense dedication as well as planning.

The preparation of the UPSC examination trains a candidate to be a civil servant. As no aspirant can get away with the exam without studying for a certain number of hours. They have to study for at least a year to clear the examination with flying colours.

Here are a few ways to build discipline you need for UPSC preparation.

  • Start small– If you are a self-study student, maintaining discipline is difficult, you need to start small. Try to develop a study routine of 4-5 hours subdivided into different activities covering the length of UPSC portion.
  • Take breaks– In the beginning of your preparation period, developing a study routine without getting bored is difficult. Playful breaks or nap will help you to regain your productivity and improve your grasping power. Prepare a timetable that is flexible and will allow you to relax and yet maintain the required focus.
  • Reward and punishment– We all tend to work 10x harder on anything if we are going to get rewarded against it. Now since you are your own teacher, reward yourself on good days and punish on the days when you go off beat.
  • Redraw strategies– Often strategies fail, and you may lack focus cause of it. Time and again you will have to draw new strategies and approaches to cover the vast syllabus of UPSC.
  • Get yourself organized– Discipline also implies getting your immediate study environment organized. Have a neat and chic study table that gives you comfort while you are studying.
  • Self-care– You cannot stay disciplined with a weak body and mind, you need to focus on self-care to stay disciplined. Meditate, exercise, and eat healthy stuff to get the energy to work on your prioritises.
  • Avoid temptations– Studying for long gone hours can become too boring. But you cannot allow yourself to be distracted with the temptations around. They will drive you away from your end goal. Keep reminding yourself that your vision and mission are different.
  • Talk it out– Too many study hours will make you feel isolated and eventually hate the preparation period. But if you have friends who are preparing for the same examination then the best way to redraw your focus is by talking to them. They can help you to stay focused and you can share your thoughts and doubts with them.

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Final getaway!

We have always believed that smart studying is the key to success. However, in the case of UPSC, it is quite different. UPSC preparation requires both smart study and hard work. If you are not disciplined and take UPSC Civil Services preparation lightly then you will certainly face failure.

Persistence, discipline, and confident are key requirements for any aspirant to clear the examination. Your persistent and disciplined are a waste if you lack confidence.

Thank you.