How different is education at Crescent School of Business ?

It is one of the thoughts that appears in today’s young generation with many questions and many different answered suggestions.

But the education that is provided in Crescent School of Business is very flexible compared to other B-schools. In other b-schools you may learn from books. But here in Crescent School of Business you get to learn through the corporate people who are in good positions. All these gives us the exact knowledge of what is happening in the real world and in the industries.Csb is taking the initiative to bring a lot of guest speakers from the industry so that it makes a different experience where a student can learn a few things apart from the knowledge of books.

Be different and think different that makes the real you.

Books may teach a student to learn by his own but the knowledge we get from an experienced person is stronger than we see.

Lessons to the talks, and experience and visualize through your brain is what Crescent school of Business is doing. PGDM is not all about the degree. It’s all about the practical knowledge which we can use in the real life and future.

Crescent school of business is providing the best and I am happy to be the part of this college.

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-Dilip Reddy

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