How are Online Classes being conducted during lockdown at Crescent School of Business ?

As we all know there is a lockdown happening across many countries like South Africa, UK, Ireland ,Saudi Arabia , New Zealand etc. , India is also one among those countries which is under lock down in order to control the spread of a pandemic called CORONA . Because of this lock down the routine life of common people are affected as they are not allowed to come out of their homes and all schools, colleges and offices are closed.

So, our Crescent School of Business has been conducting classes for students through skype calls, where they connect the students with the faculties on the call and the classes take place as per the schedule. Even though there is a lockdown outside, CSB has made sure that these things don’t affect us or our classes. Through conducting online classes, they have also made sure that the students are safe inside their home without going out.

Crescent School of Business also conducted mock interviews online for the students in order to make this time more effective and train their students to attend the internship and their final interviews and come out with flying colors. The students were interviewed according to the streams which they chose. The interviews were taken by a person who is highly experienced in those fields. Such sessions are useful.

– Ackshaya Raja (2019-2021)


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