Hostel life at Crescent School of Business (CSB)

Being a hosteler of Crescent School of Business, I think I could explain the hostel life at Crescent School of Business in a better way. Coming to the girls’ hostel there are three different blocks: Old block, Annex block and New block. The fees is based on the block you select and there is a common mess which connects these three blocks. The food at the mess is prepared in a hygienic way and it serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They also provide free laundry service to the students. CSB also takes care of the personal health of students and for that, they also have a well-equipped gym and has games like carom, chess and shuttle inside the hostel. Along with that, they provide tailor facility and saloon facility weekly twice inside the hostel,  so that the students need not go out for each and everything, they can get their work done being inside the hostel itself. The rooms here are very comfortable and spacious, The rooms are cleaned every day by the housekeeping people. There is a vending machine in our hostel from where the students can get their snacks anytime. Everyday attendance is taken in the hostel by their resident tutor after the college. Once attendance is taken the student is not allowed to go out of the hostel. During weekends the students can go out of the hostel after getting permission from their resident tutor. Parking space is very big where Students can park their vehicles.

 Though  I haven’t been to the boys’ hostel but I am aware of their few rules and regulations. The boys can return to hostel whenever they want but they are not permitted to go out after 9.30 pm. They have a canteen inside their hostel and they also have all the facilities like a vending machine, WiFi, laundry, play area, television in each room, etc. Food menu for girls and boys are different, but the food is really good. Mess workers are polite and caring.  Hostel Life is CSB is one of the best things about CSB.

-Ackshaya Raja (2019 – 2021)

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  1. @UmaRavi
    Exactly , I am also an hosteller from 2019-21 batch, as Ackshaya said hostel life is the best in CSB. I personally felt as if am in my home :)
    December 2019