Here’s Why I Chose VIT Business School for MBA?

It was wholly my option to choose VIT for studying management. Since my eighth grade, I had that urge to study at VIT after attending one of the conferences conducted by the VIT Management.

VIT is known for their research papers. They train students to write their own research papers. Not only writing but also in publishing them.

I just had the thought like every student that I’ll be studying subjects like Human resources, Finance and some other subjects related to Management, but VIT has got their own variations which are their strengths as well.

J COMPONENT – this is the area where a student can get a thorough practical knowledge. Most of the subjects have got this option. They make you learn practically by having a project clubbed along with the subject.

Students can choose their own topics of interest, teams and do the project with respect to a company.

I wouldn’t have learnt many of those management subjects if I had to only write exams. Instead of just studying like what is human resource management , training and development and in the field of finance like the Cash reserve Ratio , Risk and return.

Clubbing a project along with the subject and having a project title like, “ Impact on employee’s performance using performance management”  which is not only a project but also helps you in  analysing, scrutinising on various aspects that makes you learn for a life time.

Vaishnavi V : BBA Aspirant (VITB.S)

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