Creating Thought Leaders at VIT Business School

VIT gives students the core subjects and electives. VITBS offers a lot of core subjects which are mandatory like the management and organisational behaviour, macro economics, micro economics, financial management, entrepreneurship etc. So, if you are a finance person, you can choose electives like the investment analysis and the portfolio management, Indian financial system, managing the personal finance, principles of taxation, what not? The same goes for Human resources, marketing etc.


Being a business student you should be familiar with this, strategic business unit. It deals with the STEEPLE Analysis, SWOT analysis, Root-cause analysis. Imagine you’ll have to study all these theoretically just the concept then how will you be implementing them in the future? and that’s where you have the case analysis here in VITBS, where the professors provide the recent case to the students and make them understand what’ll be the possible problem,the cause and how it can be solved.


They truly prepare students to face every phase. If you want to be an entrepreneur, this is the right place where your thoughts can become an action, your creativity into an innovation. If you want to be a key accountant in the sales management, this is truly the place where you can enhance your salesmanship skills. Now let’s compare VITBS with the stocks in the stock market, They say for a good stock it needs to have a lot of risk to have a good return since risk and return are proportionate, but in case of VITBS they only make you earn a lot of return with less risks to be taken.

Vaishnavi V : BBA Aspirant (VITB.S)

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