Panel Discussion on Analytics at IMT Hyderabad

IMT Hyderabad recently hosted a panel discussion with five distinguished gentlemen a collective work experience of over 100 years from a variety of industries during the panel discussion on “Trends in business analytics” conducted on the 27th of July 2018 in the 500-seater auditorium of the institute. Jam-packed with enthusiastic students, the event was a grand success which not only enabled its participants to look at the domain of business analytics in a different way but also enlightened them about the plethora of analytical opportunities available to be put to use in this vast global economy.


The panelist for the day were:

  1. N M Sharma is the founder and CEO of PHYGITAL Insights Pt. Ltd. With a corporate experience of over 30 years, he has scaled all the possible heights of business analytics in various sectors. He is also an experienced trainer of big data analysis.
  2. Sharat Konatham is the Co-founder of HEDNext and has worked for over 15 different companies during his 14-year working period and has developed a special code using IBM proprietary software that can calculate the probability of “flight risk” from employees in a high attrition level workplace.
  3. Ramesh Kumar Koona is the founder and CEO of Cygnesia Animations Pt. Ltd. He has run a 150 Million USD business and also has his own company situated in Hyderabad. He has a net work experience of over 26 years.
  4. Sridhar Seshadri is the founder and CEO of Spotflock and has a collective corporate experience of 10 years. He also has an entrepreneurship experience of 3 years where he has designed an AI-based B2B and B2C product from scratch which has a viable application in the social networking and gaming domains.
  5. Ravi Munukutla is an independent data analytics consultant with over 25 years’ worth of expertise in the data analytics vertical. He is a professional in handling very high-volume data analytics in several domains.