A degree in business management is far more than the mere transfer of knowledge from the faculty to the student. This is the place the graduate begins to transform himself/herself on the road to becoming a virtuoso in the business world. 

How do you prepare to join a business school?

We see more people graduating from business schools by thousands every year. 

But do you just join the flock, or would you rather stand out?

It is no secret that a business management degree requires zeal and enterprise to just stay in the program. But you need to do much more than remain a mute participant. You have to be on your toes 24by7, and sometimes even that may seem less.

Someone who thinks otherwise is in for a shock once they get into an MBA program. Grit and determination are required to keep you going.

Now that we face a global pandemic, dealing with crises is another skill set that has become mandatory. 

What is the regimen that can set you off?

It is not as simple as one size fits all that we can dole out and expect all MBA graduates to follow. This is because B-school models keep evolving in line with the ever-changing industry, lest they should become obsolete. However, following a few broad guidelines can help anyone. 

Do your homework

Read up about the program – the curriculum, schedule of classes, faculty, internships, boot camps, and fellow students in the program. 

Find out the calendar and prepare notes on the subjects. This will help you focus on the subject during class, thus pre-empting your clearing of doubts that may crop post the lecture. 

Once you get the list of your classmates you can connect with them via email or social media, and build a bond that is necessary and help you to keep going through the tenure of the program. 

You can work out your activities in line with the fixed agenda. Remember to keep some buffer for contingencies.  

Class preparation

Preparation for a class will give you the comfort that is crucial to do an MBA program successfully.  Before you take a class, you need to read up on the topic, this is a given. You also need to check for any applications and practical know how that is available on the subject.

You could look for relevant web sites; meet industry veterans or someone connected with it in this regard. The more you know, the easier it is to follow the class and fit in with the lecture. 

You must also form or be part of a core study group. This group can be the forum for the exchange of ideas. The class preparation could be split among the group members.

Everyone in the group can pool in with his/her part and share it with the rest to ensure the pooled knowledge helps all the group members. This group can also analyse the topic post the class. The group’s combined perceptions might go to provide a clearer perspective of the topic. 

Staying in a study group also gives you a fair idea of the members’ intellectual, mental, and emotional makeup, besides their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you in selecting members for team activities. There could be many other benefits, even personal ones, in staying in a group. 

Close contact with faculty

Staying in the proximity of the faculty is a starting point. A residential program provides a good opportunity for you to connect with your professors both during and after class. Your involvement becomes deeper and the faculty notices your commitment to the program.

This can prove beneficial in getting the pick of internships; receiving counsel on the subject as well as the program; much more valuable data that may be crucial in completing the program. 

Company tie-ups

As you do the above activity, find out more about the college’s corporate tie-ups for both internships and campus recruitments. The information you gather about the company you face will prove to be your trump card when you deal with them.


One of the activities pivotal to an MBA program is the network of friends, professors, and industry experts you meet in the B-school. The advantages of networking are infinite.

These people could be your potential clients, employers, employees, or people who aid you in your pursuit of any of the above.

As you research for a company internship or a placement, one of your fellow graduates could play a key role in landing the right one. Or help you clinch a crucial deal in the future. This network is more valuable than any other you could have built in your life. 

Even on the personal side, you get to be a close friend of High Net worth Individuals and that is no mean matter. 

Make good use of breaks

If the program mandates certain skill sets that you lack, it is imperative for you to acquire them.  Enrol in a course that can upgrade you in these areas. Choose the break you get to upskill yourself so that you do not waste college time. 

You also need to use these breaks to meet your family and motivate yourself. Doing a full-time program can be stressful for some people. And your family can be the best stress-buster.

Taking a break from academics for a few days will do the trick. Your family members can support you and provide the necessary to cheer to keep you going.  

How crucial is each of the above during the program?

Homework  Class preparation Faculty contact Company tie ups Networking  Breaks 
Before joining Crucial  Necessary, Some subjects Necessary Necessary to find out Necessary to find out
1st year Wherever necessary Crucial before every class Crucial Crucial to work with Crucial to work with Necessary whenever the University declares 
2nd year Wherever necessary Crucial before every class Crucial Crucial to work with Crucial to work with Crucial whenever the University declares
End of program   Crucial to work with

You will have to learn to balance your academic and social sides and ensure you stay cool. Some people may find it difficult to remain composed while doing an intense program. Talk to friends and family and remember to relax now and then. 

Some people lose confidence midway and try to give up on the program. You must know that you were selected to join the program because you showed potential for the same.

Do not forget that others might be struggling in some areas too, but you can cope well if you know where to find help. If the anxiety is academic related, your professors will surely help you. But never lose hope. 

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