Shiva Karan, an IIT Hyderabad (IITH) graduate committed suicide on January 7 in US. He was an MS student at the North Carolina State University. His friends told PaGaLGuY that they spoke to him a couple of weeks back, when Karan said he was unable to perform well in studies. He also mentioned that he was planning to come back to India.

Karan who was a native of Hyderabad went to the US in August 2015 to pursue higher studies. His friends described him as a jovial person. A friend added, “I met him at the Photography club in 2014. Back then, he was the coordinator of the club. He became the cultural secretary in his second year at IIT, a post generally taken by third year students. He  was an active member in several extra-curricular activities.”

He went to US to with a couple of recommendation letters on his resume. In his second year at IITH, Karan was the secretary for seven clubs. And later coordinator of the Photography club, and the Literary fest.  “I remember here, at  IITH, he was good in academics. He had  four recommendation letters from the faculty of the Electrical engineering department,” added his other friend.

Karan’s Facebook page gives an idea that he was an amateur photographer and a football enthusiast. His friends further continued, “We last spoke to Karan in Decemeber, 2015. He said that he dropped out from his course because of his poor performance. We don’t know what happened suddenly, he said he was coming back to India. He will never know this but he will be missed.”

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