Guest Sessions at Praxis Business School

We the students at Praxis Business School feel lucky to learn from the Guest Lectures at Praxis Business School, Kolkata. Time to time emminent personalities from the industry are invited to our campus for sessions. Sharing insights from two such sessions.


We had a wonderful opportunity of having Alok Daiya who is the director at Edification Academy Edification Academy Private Limited was incorporated with MCA on 14 March 2018. The Edification Academy Private Limited is listed in the class of companies and classified as Non-Govt Company. He is also the visiting faculty at BSE Institute ltd., resource planner at ICA India and St.Xavier’s college are some to mention.

We had such a wonderful opportunity to have an interactive session on Financial Tambola and the session threw light on the share market, helping us understand the ratios to know the share market better.


We also had sessions with Somnath Banerjee of NSE. He helped us understand concepts like how trading is done and how the stock market works. He helped us understand through graphs as to how the stock market decides it’s high and low prices. Other concepts like the last price, close price and by when the stock market is most active.

These sessions help us understand the scenario and also helps us tackle different financial terms to gain a minimum understanding of such concepts.

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-Anjali Solanki (2019-2021)