GMAT Online Exam: What top B-Schools worldwide said about it?

What is the outlook of the leading admission directors of the top MBA colleges in the world regarding GMAT online tests versus the tests taken in the centers? Let us have a look at what these guys from ESMT, Stanford, Imperial, and other leading colleges have to say.

COVID-19 has made the world standstill. The test centers are closed worldwide and it has become a challenge to conduct the test.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has taken a brilliant solution by commencing the GMAT Online Exam in April 2020. The extension of GMAT Appointments has been a relief for enthusiasts.

This online exam mode has been a boon for those aspirants who are unable to access a test center. Conveniences aside, what are the admission directors thinking of this step? 

Stanford Graduate School  of Business 

Kirsten Moss, Assistant Dean, MBA Admissions & Financial Aid, expressed that MBA graduates have potentials way more what their GPA suggests. She said that GMAT is still the ideal platform to judge the applicants and find the best ones out for Stanford’s MBA programs.

This institute is accepting both physical and online exam patterns equally. This institute conducts admissions in three rounds.

The administration also provides an additional section where students can inform the college about any unprecedented testing experience they encountered.

ESMT Berlin

Stephanie Kluth, Head-Admissions, ESMT Berlin, states that the institute is considering both physical and online tests equally for admissions this year.

Even if the online version has the analytical writing section missing from the assessment, Stephanie said that both are equal for the administration. She also admitted that the online GMAT is a weak way to scrutinize examinees.

In fact, she also cited the problems such as connectivity issues often kick out the candidates and they cannot cancel scores even if they want to.

This happened when online tests were conducted in the centers. Now that the council has decided to add convenience and let the aspirants take the test at home, it will eradicate such issues and will add more strengths.

Imperial College Business School

Joel McConnell, Executive Director-Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions, Imperial College Business School, suggests that the administration considers both the test formats ideal during these hard times.

He said that we all need to evolve with the current situations and find out ways to adopt. Imperial is accepting GMAT scores anyway a candidate is willing to appear.

Although it is tough to standardize or compare both, the administration of this college has decided to give the same weight to both the modes. The college is also accepting GRE score as a standard decider for admissions.

Trinity Business School

Eoghan O’Sullivan, MBA Admissions Manager, Trinity Business School stated that the college is accepting both the test formats as an eligibility criterion. In fact, he emphasized on the fact that a candidate should not go to a test center during these havoc times and jeopardize his/her safety.

Despite the facts, candidates he spoke to expressed that they prefer taking the live test rather than choosing the online convenience. The online test adds more flexibility and strength for the candidates.

Eoghan also highlighted a difficulty where candidates have not received any score despite using a digital whiteboard after the completion of the test. This institution is also accepting GRE scores as a criterion in any test format.

Copenhagen Business School

Fatima Dhaif, MBA Admissions Manager, Copenhagen Business School, stated that the institution was conducting its independent test for admissions before GMAC announced the online version. She said that if a student is willing to take a physical test, it is preferred.

They can also consider the test conducted by the institution too. Students had to wait for a week for the result of the online tests and this can be a problem where college authorities stick to a deadline. She welcomes the online test plan as it will keep the hopes of aspirants up during these hard times.

Melbourne Business School

Anastasia Georgiou, Director of Admissions, Melbourne Business School, expressed that she is on the side where the aspirants get the best support, technically and morally.

She said that many candidates were anxious regarding the new shift in test format whereas some were worried about going to face-to-face. This is why the college administration is considering both tests the same and welcoming applications from all over the world.

It has decided to leave it at the discretion of a candidate as the school is not judging. The administration has decided to consider all applications as the circumstances are adverse.

In fact, it has decided to waive the score as a parameter and has welcomed applications from all over the world. The candidates can submit GMAT scores later. The college is preferring GMT scores more than GRE.

This is what the admission management of the top international MBA colleges have to say about the new online exam pattern of GMAT approved by the council to overcome the pandemic obstacles and let the aspirants follow their dreams.

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