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General knowledge is extremely important for MBA aspirants. While questions from logical reasoning and quantitative analysis can be time-consuming, the GK section can help you increase your scores quickly.

We present this GK quiz to help you prepare comprehensively for your upcoming MBA entrance tests. Post your responses in the comments section and soon we will let you know the correct answers!

1. Indian sports player Manpreet kaur is associated with which of the following sports?

a. Shooting

b. Shot Put

c. Javelin Throw

d. Discus Throw

2. Perumanna Grama Panchayat, India’s first panchayat to declare water policy is from which of the following Indian state ?

a. Karnataka

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Kerala

d. Andhra Pradesh

3. Who is named for UNHCR Nansen refugee award 2015?

a. Hawa Aden Mohamed

b. Nasser Salim Ali Al Numairy

c. Aqueela Asifi

d. Alixandra Fazzina

4. Krishnan Balakrishnan is appointed as a new CFO of ________.

a. Spicejet

b. Indigo

c. Jet Airways

d. GoAir

5. Which Indian state has launched a mobile app called M-Shiksha Mitra to provide various services and teaching related work to teachers?

a. Madhya Pradesh

b. Manipur

c. Mizoram

d. Maharashtra

6. Which Indian player has recently received a lifetime membership at Cricket Club of India (CCI)?

a. Virat Kohli

b. Ajinkya Rahane

c. Rohit Sharma

d. MS Dhoni

7. Which of the following works of kalidasa gives information of about history of Shunga dynasty?

a. Meghdoot

b. Abhigyan Shakuntalam

c. Malavikagnimitram

d. Kumarsambhav

8. Who wrote the novel Nil Darpan?

a. Rabindranath Tagore

b. Madhusudan Datta

c. Dinabandhu Mitra

d. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

9. What is the chemical element composition of diamond?

a. Carbon

b. Nitrogen

c. Nickel

d. Zinc

10. Siberian cranes migrate from Siberia to _______ in India.

a. Bharatpur

b. Simlipal

c. Van Vihar

d. Kanha

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