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General knowledge is extremely important for MBA aspirants. While questions from logical reasoning and quantitative analysis can be time-consuming, the GK section can help you increase your scores quickly.

We present this GK quiz to help you prepare comprehensively for your upcoming MBA entrance tests. Post your responses in the comments section and soon we will let you know the correct answers!

1. Indian sportsperson Vikas Krishnan has bagged a silver medal in the Asian Championship held in Bangkok. He is associated with which of the following sports?

a. Boxing

b. Wrestling

c. Shooting

d. Swimming

2. Who has won 2015 Italian Grand Prix of Formula One?

a. Felipe Massa

b. Sebastian Vettel

c. Nico Rosberg

d. Lewis Hamilton

3. Which great personality’s e-version of 100 volumes of collected works was launched Union government recently?

a. Subhash Chandra Bose

b. M K Gandhi

c. Swami Vivekananda

d. Vinoba Bhave

4. J Manjula has been recently appointed as Director General of?


b. IISc


d. NIT

5. The sixth Indo-Maldives joint military exercise has commenced at?

a. Balasore

b. Thiruvananthapuram

c. Kochi

d. Chennai

6. Who among the following is the last ruler of the Mauryan Dynasty?

a. Satadhanvan

b. Brihadratha

c. Devavarman

d. Shalishuka

7. The Lodi dynasty was founded by?

a. Bahlul Khan Lodi

b. Sikandar Lodi

c. Daulat Khan Lodi

d. Ibrahim Lodi

8. Who is author of the book ‘The Last Moghul’?

a. Vikram Seth

b. A P J Abdul Kalam

c. Salman Rushdie

d. William Dalrymple

9. The chemical name of Vitamin E is _________.

a. Ascorbic acid

b. Calciferol

c. Phylloquinone

d. Tocopherol

10. Which is the southernmost point of India?

a. Kanyakumari

b. Goa

c. Indira Point

d. Rameshwaram

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