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General knowledge is extremely important for MBA aspirants. While questions from logical reasoning and quantitative analysis can be time-consuming, the GK section can help you increase your scores quickly.

We present this GK quiz to help you prepare comprehensively for your upcoming MBA entrance tests. Post your responses in the comments section and soon we will let you know the correct answers!

1. Weightlifter Deepak Lather has won _____ medal in fifth youth commonwealth games.

a. Gold

b. Silver

c. Bronze

d. None

2. Indian shooter Apurvi Chandela has bagged silver medal at ISSF world cup final held at?

a. Fort Banning

b. Gabala

c. Munich

d. Changwon

3. The ___ Law commission of India will be functional for period of three years between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2018.

a. 22nd


c. 20th


4. Which country has set for bilateral trade target of 1 billion dollar by 2018 with India?

a. Belarus

b. Poland

c. France

d. Brazil

5. Who has become the largest reigning female monarch in world?

a. Tzu-his

b. Elizabeth II

c. Liliuokalani

d. Catherine the great

6. Who has become the 1st Indian golfer to qualify for the Presidential cup?

a. Gaganjeet Bhullar

b. Jyoti Randhawa

c. Anirban Lahiri

d. Shiv Kapoor

7. The maximum area under crops in India is used for the cultivation of _________.

a. Wheat

b. Rice

c. Sugarcane

d. Cotton

8. ‘ELISA’ test is employed to diagnose __________.

a. Polio virus

b. AIDS antibodies

c. Tuberculosis bacterium

d. Cancer

9. Optic fibres are used in ____________.

a. CAT scan

b. X-ray photos

c. Ultrasound scans

d. Endoscopy

10. What is Obra known for?

a. a new refinery

b. a new aluminium plant

c. a bird sanctuary

d. a thermal power station

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