GK quiz – MBA entrance – quiz 26

Dear readers,

General knowledge is extremely important for MBA aspirants. While questions from logical reasoning and quantitative analysis can be time-consuming, the GK section can help you increase your scores quickly.

We present this GK quiz to help you prepare comprehensively for your upcoming MBA entrance tests. Post your responses in the comments section and soon we will let you know the correct answers!

1. John Cryan is appointed as CEO for one of the top banks in the world. The name of this bank is ______.

A. JP Morgan Chase Bank

B. Barclays Bank

C. BNP Paribas

D. Deutsche Bank

2. Who is appointed as Director General of National Security Guard?

A. Arvind Ranjan

B. R C Tayal

C. J N Chaudhury

D. Subhash Joshi

3. __________ bagged the French Open 2015 female title.

A. Maria Sharapova

B. Lucie Safarova

C. Serena Williams

D. Simona Halep

4. M K Sharma is appointed as non executive chairman for which bank?



C. Axis Bank


5. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN), Motor Vehicle Agreement was signed in?

A. Dhaka

B. Thimphu

C. Kathmandu

D. New Delhi

6. Stanford University scientist Manu Prakash has recently devised a computer which works on?

A. Carbon Dioxide

B. Nano particles

C. Moving water Droplets

D. Plasma fluid

7. Which of the following is a land locked sea?

A. Red sea

B. Timor Sea

C. North Sea

D. Aral Sea

8. Clear nights are colder than cloudy nights, because of ________.

A. Conduction

B. Radiation

C. Condensation

D. Insulation

9. Which of the following river does not originate in the Indian Territory?

A. Godavari

B. Jhelum

C. Ravi

D. Ghagra

10. In Shivaji’s council of ministers, the Prime Minister was addressed as __________.

A. Peshwa

B. Amatya

C. Mantri

D. Samant

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