GD/PI | What is BAAN?

MDI Gurgaon

CAT percentile: 98.18

X: 87.11

XII: 86.57

B.Tech (CS): 9.04

Work Ex: Infosys (30 months)

Date: 27th February, 2017. Venue: The Golkonda Hotel, Hyderabad.

WAT: ‘ Problems unite us; religion divides us ‘.

I completed at around 10 minutes mark since there was a 150 word limit but saw everyone was writing long essays anyway; so added a few points later by marking “*” in the middle .

GD didn’t go too well; it was a civil discussion but I could only pitch in 3 times, once with a counterargument and twice with extension of points already made.

Interview: Two panelists, an aged, experienced professor (P1) and a middle-aged lady (P2).

P1: So, tell me about yourself.

Me: Told about my schooling, college and work ex, the kind of work I do. (I work for Infosys for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for their e-filing system).

P1: So, is there any proactive measure on the MCA to prevent the scams like what happened with Satyam etc.?

Me: Told that at least one whistleblower has to come fwd and complain, MCA has mechanisms to take note of complaints seriously, told them about various front end services for complaints, how complaints are processed in back office.

P1 interrupted me. : So you work in SAP technology, tell me full form of SAP.

Me: Told

P1: What is BAAN?

I couldn’t get this initially. I thought he was talking about Autobahn, but actually he was asking abt the ERP systems company.

Me: Sir, are you talking about Autobahn?

P1: What is Autobahn?

Me: Told.

P1: Why are they in the news recently?

Me: [I had no idea], told there have been a spate of accidents recently and the German govt. is thinking revoking no-speed limit criteria.

P1: What is the difference between on CS and in IT?

Me: Explained somewhat roughly with examples of some subjects. (At this point I was nervous as I had mentioned subjects like automata which I had not studied since 4 years )

P1: How many bytes in a kilobyte?

Me: 1024.

P1: Why 1024?

Me: Explained with the help of switch on-off , 10 switches 2 states etc. (In hindsight, I think it would have been better to explain with bits, 0s and 1s).

P1: What is ASCII?

Me: Told.

P1: Is there a competitive standard to it?

Me: Yes Sir, Unicode standard.

P1: What is the difference?

Me: Told.

P1: What is NASSCOM? What is its full form? What do they do?

Me: Told.

P1: Who is the chairman of NASSCOM?

Me: Sorry sir, but I’m not aware.

P1: Can you tell me one famous ex-chairman?

Me: Narayana Murthy (wild guess, proved to be a lucky right one later).

P2: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Me: Told.

P2: What is your CAT percentile?

Me: Told.

P2: What other calls do you have?

Me: Told.

P2:  Ok, thank you, you can leave now.

Overall a very relaxed affair; didn’t last more than 15 mins. I thought I could have answered a couple of questions better, but as usual it was the GD which I feel would take me down.